Project Spark Already Has Its First Epic RPG In Development

Project Spark will launch its Xbox One beta later this month and when it does players will get to experience the first installment of the RPG "Elderfall."

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Christopher1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Very interested to see where Spark gets to by release. If there was one game that would get me to buy an XBO...

Edit: Gotta love disagrees. Someone says something positive about XBO game... screw that, he can only say all positive stuff about all XBO stuff! *disagrees*

levian1765d ago

Agreed. This is the only game that interests me on xb1, but it does look really good. Too bad I refuse to "upgrade" to windows 8

VENOMACR12271765d ago

PS dominated site man. Disagrees for the sake of just saying anything Xbox positive.

But yea, Spark looks awesome from when it was first announced. No other console game like it. And no PS fans, LBP is totally different. I love LBP but its not like Spark. I'm actually surprised its taken this long for the game I thought it would be out already.

NeoTribe1765d ago

Well to be fair its a ps dominated world, so its common to run into a situation where your the minority.

HeavenlySnipes1765d ago

Best thing to come to X1

the community has so many creative minds but not everyone is technologically capable of creating their visions so they stay in their minds forever

We saw some amazing things with Little Big Planet and Little Big Planet 2, this game steps it up a notch with freedom in creation so I won't be surprised to see legit full fledged games being made with this (of course I don't think there will be voice acting because the devs can't have people swearing up and down lol) with Kinect being able to add custom animations into the game as sort of a mini mocaping device

Christopher1765d ago

What's best is this is actually a great playground for programmers. Lots of ways to configure the game world with complex scenarios. So, great for non-creative people without programming backgrounds and even more for those who are.

mhunterjr1765d ago

You can record voices. Also, there's a community based ratings system that will help keep obscenity from the kiddies, but as always, there's a risk with any online game.

come_bom1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Looks like a great tool. I'm curious to see the large quantity of games made with Project Spark.

Tedakin1765d ago

Hope I get into this beta.....

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The story is too old to be commented.