Blaming Violence on Video Games Does More Harm Than Good, Researcher Says

Yet another study claims to have found a link between playing violent video games and real-world violent behavior. But like many that came before it, the study relies more on correlation than causation. And by focusing on the video games themselves instead of real-world behavior, researchers, parents and gamers are getting distracted from the real issues at play.

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Excalibur1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

It's sad that people always have to find someone or something else to blame except the person responsible for doing whatever deed or the parent that raised them.

Yi-Long1683d ago

Agreed. This is just ignoring the real causes of the problem, and instead just using video games as a scapegoat.

Obviously, that does more harm than good. It won't solve anything and at the same time it harms an industry and those who enjoy it.

Ziriux1683d ago

I can also blame eminem for spouse abuse since he encourages beating of women. But since I have common sense I will not do something that's not morally right. As with anything in life video games are no exception and not to blame.

steve30x1682d ago

Im sure Jack the ripper played video games right. Or stalin or Hitler.