Top 5 SEGA Series That We'd Like to See Return

"Ever since the early demise of the Dreamcast, SEGA just hasn't been that overly-cocky, beloved, big name in gaming that they used to be. The company has had a record of failing to really impress audiences or put out games that seem to rival that of mainstream titles. SEGA's only series that has a loyal following and gets major buzz today is, of course, Sonic the Hedgehog. And while our little blue blur is great (most of the time); he wasn't always SEGA's only big series."

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-Foxtrot1765d ago

Ristar aswell

I could see a 3D platforming game similar to Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc

abzdine1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Skies of Arcadia
Light Crusader
Landstalkers (Timestalkers)
Crazy Taxi
Story of Thor
Valkyria Chronicles for PS4

dedicatedtogamers1765d ago

I'd like to see a TRUE return of the Phantasy Star games (bring back the turn-based RPG combat and in-depth storyline) and a good Shining Force game. Yes, I am aware that both Phantasy Star and Shining Force have had recent titles but I consider these titles to be spinoffs since they are very dissimilar to the original series' gameplay.

manaxknight11764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

at least something that builds upon PS4 and SF1and2 and another crusader of centy!

Fullmetalevolust1764d ago

Man, I totally agree, I yearn for a good Shining Force game, in the veins of SF1, SF2 and especially the masterpiece that is shining force 3 on the Saturn. Why haven't they managed to recreate one? They certainly own the IP.
Turn based and Tactical strategy games are still hot in Japan and as far as Sega is concerned, that's the only territory where they've releasing those titles. I'm baffled by their incompetence at times.

dedicatedtogamers1764d ago

@ Fullmetal

Well, to be fair, the original designers have since moved on to Nintendo and they work on the Golden Sun series (another top-notch RPG series). Seeing how things are with SEGA, I'm not sure SEGA has the in-house talent to make a good Shining Force game again, unfortunately...

Fullmetalevolust1764d ago

@Dedicated, oh I know the story "oh too well." Camelot Software made Shining Force what it truly is, starting with the first opus.
I actually own Golden sun on the DS, for my 3ds.
Sega alienated a really good team of game developers and what they're reduced to do for Ninty is quite sad, aside from the golden sun games. Truly hoping to see a Golden sun title for the 3ds or WiiU (one can dream).
As for Sega, there are talented developers who can reconstitute shining force to its past glory. Aqua plus makes Tears to Tiara, you should check it out if you understand Japanese, I dont, lol.

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Relientk771765d ago

Comix Zone

Slade231765d ago

I would like to see Vectorman return.

Alex_Boro1765d ago

We want to see GOOD Sonic games return.

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