BioWare Working on Unannounced RPG with “Visceral, Fast, and Fun” Combat

It seems that BioWare Austin is finally moving forward, even if the studio is still hard at work on Star Wars: The Old Republic. It was already known that the folks in Austin have “several unannounced projects” in the works, and today we learn something more about one of them, that seems to be an action RPG from how a new career opportunity ad seeking a Senior Combat Designer describes it.

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LAWSON721650d ago

COD: Biowares attempt to make a RPG that is not an RPG Edition
Then again maybe thats a little long

Relientk771650d ago

You have my attention BioWare, now show me something good

nope1111650d ago

A hack 'n' slasher RPG would be cool.

LAWSON721650d ago

How about an RPG with some depth? It seems like Bioware would rather make an action or shooter instead of an RPG.

If you want a hack n slash RPG you should play Kingdoms of Amalur

Lord_Sloth1650d ago

Visceral's Jack the Ripper game? Please say yes!

TheTowelBoy1650d ago

:( the idealist in me wants bioware to return to their roots. The realist in me knows EA is back there with whips forcing them to cater to a larger demographic..

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