Xbox ONE games to look out for over the next few months

Console Monster writes "The Xbox ONE has been out for a few months now, but what does the future hold? One of the main reasons, asides from the price, that I haven't picked one up yet is because of the current list of games that are available. Well let's take a look at the next few months and see what is in store for Xbox ONE owners."

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1OddWorld1765d ago

I disagreed with you because your comment lacks thought and you could be a monkey pressing keys for all I know.

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1OddWorld1765d ago

Nope to the first game
Nope to the 6 on 6 mech warrior game
Metal Gear could be fun but I will pass again if its 2 hours long.
Elder Scrolls could be great.


I bet you are a Playstation Fanboy right? I bet you like to play the Last of Us (which is an amazing game BTW)? I bet you have never complained about it being 4v4 have you? Yeah... Thats what I thought troll

VENOMACR12271765d ago

I'll never understand this bubble system. Non stop Sony fanboys troll Xbox articles yet have 50 bubbles. People who speak logically or positive of the x1 have the fewest.

On topic, lot of Xbox exclusives coming down the pipe. Quantum break, project spark, sunset overdrive, halo, gears at some point, Titanfall. I think users of both systems should be excited for the future. Right now there is nothing really new for either system.

1OddWorld1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

@GUTZnPAPERCUTZ - I said nothing negative of X1 and was giving my opinion of the games line up which is what the article is about. How did I troll? Is it because I did not praise Titanfall? I'm sorry I don't like Call of duty or Mech warrior games.

Why is it that everyone seems constantly on edge. My post was my opinion nothing more. Just because you are butt hurt over the console war doesn't mean the rest of us have ulterior motives. Get a grip man and calm down.

Tedakin1765d ago

If there's something good to say about the Xbone it's automatically a fanboy article, didn't you know? Meanwhile there have been no less than 5 articles on games to look out for on PS4. That's okay though.

McScroggz1765d ago

Sadly what you're saying is true; however, this article only names one Xbox One exclusive so I feel like it's kind of weak.

Bigpappy1765d ago

I was looking for the part where the writer said the games were exclusive... Couldn't find it.

Oh I get it now, you guys were thinking Xbox games would be all EXCLUSIVES. I guess that is M$ PR's fault for now announcing that X1 will also play multi-plat game... novices they are.

McScroggz1765d ago

Chill dude. I just think it would make more sense for the article to be general since there is only one Xbox exclusive it mentions. If I click on an article talking about Xbox One games I'd assume I'd find at least a few, ya know?

I don't know why you're so sensitive.

iNFAMOUZ11765d ago

I love xbox but even I can say that list sucks, the elder scrolls will flop due to monthly sub. And the rest are boring, BUT by August we should see badass games, dry game spell here we come. ...unlesss Microsoft can bring us the indie games like ps is getting.

LoneWolf0191765d ago

You act like all gamers like indie games lol I know i dont.

mmc-0071765d ago

that's because you're not a gamer.

Naga1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

@ mmc-007

... he's not a real gamer because he doesn't like indie games? What the heck kind of a statement is that?

VENOMACR12271765d ago

Agreed, not a fan of indie games I could careless about them. Give me full games from real developers with multiplayer and dlc.

n4rc1765d ago

Been gaming for 25+ years.. Guess I'm not a "real" gamer if I dont like something..

I have no use for jrpgs either.. What's that make me? Lol

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n4rc1765d ago

Nah.. I see titanfall, watchdogs and ea ufc all slated for release in the next couple months.. With destiny not far behind..

1OddWorld1765d ago

Watchdogs Is on my list of Day1 purchases. EA UFC I hope is good but with what happened to fight night I will have to take the wait and see approach.

n4rc1765d ago

Same.. Ea mma was OK but I'm hoping its all its cracked up to be..

Undisputed would have been a great series in more competent hands.. Which I'm hoping these guys are.. Creative director for it looks like a fight fan so I'm hopeful.

True_Samurai1765d ago

First indie waves are in march
I believe @IDXbox will be announcing them on Feb 19

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