Why Flappy Bird was important and how we drove it away

The vast minority of independently produced, much less self-published, games seek the attention enjoyed by Flappy Bird in the last few weeks. The game, published by Vietnamese designer Dong Nguyen, has players keep a little yellow bird airborne as it flies through pipe-shaped obstacles.

Chris Totten looks at why this seemingly innocuous, but quickly notorious game was important for the industry before we drove its creator to take the game back.

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afterMoth1766d ago

Blaming consumers on driving it away? No, the creator is mentally unstable. I'd glad take his success/money he earned. I only wish I created a crappy game that caught on to make me rich, better yet a good game that catches on.

thereapersson1766d ago

Tired of hearing about this game and the creator's supposed "woes".


Tired of hearing about this stupid game and all the developer's emotional nonsense. He could be doing it as a publicity stunt for all I care.

LennyLovespuds1766d ago

I came here to basically say this. I have no idea how having a success in sales can become a pity party for the creator. Most people would be jumping with joy over a run away success game, instead we get consumer blaming articles like this.

dcj05241766d ago

There has been death threats in real life. That would freak me out a little.

Shadonic1766d ago

As someone whose learning all of the things required to make a decent game it honestly frightens me how flappy bird is viewed as the best ios game even with all of its blatent issues. We do class projects that are about as good as this if not better. Really makes me rethink my whole striving for a well made game thing i've got going on if this is whats being placed on a pedestal. It's honestly sad I hope PC and Console gamers never become like this.

jukins1766d ago

It's easy to say why is he complaining with all that money. You're not thinking about the other part dealing with entitled consumers. The pressure is more than most can handle. It's just that most people don't and will never have to deal with that amount of pressure/fame/success and think it's easy.

NeoTribe1765d ago

Nothing in life is gonna change because a gimmicky garbage phone game got taken off because the producer is a nutjob.

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Kurisu1766d ago

I'm never deleting this from my phone especially if I can sell my phone for $100,000 just because it's installed lmao

Shadonic1766d ago

I deleted mines, game was absolutely horrible.

MRMagoo1231766d ago

who would pay money for a free game i have on 7 devices in my home ?

Relientk771766d ago

There is no reason for the obsession over this game

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The story is too old to be commented.