Heavenly Sword Movie Trailer Revealed: Why Nariko is a Badass

Heavenly Sword movie is close to being released soon this Spring and in celebration Sony has revealed a new trailer exclusively for IGN to host.

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Nitrowolf21686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

That's so f'n Cheesy, the music, the movie guy voice. This is really the best they could do for a trailer? The first one was way better

Darrius Cole1686d ago


You are so right. That was cheesier than cheddar. They are going to have to do better then that.

xHeavYx1686d ago

Is the movie telling the story of the original game? I saw many of the same enemies.
I wonder if HS2 will be released after the movie

creatchee1686d ago

Maybe they'll go crazy like Capcom and release "Heavenly Sword: The Movie: The Game".

minimur121686d ago

lol it reminds me of the Tekken 3 intro movie

cleft51686d ago

Yeah it is really bad and I think the CGI in the original game is better than what they are showing now. I was looking forward to this as a fan of the original game, not so much anymore.

Elimin81686d ago

lol... Maybe a fan created it.. lol.

Salooh1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

Yeah , i think it looked better in the game except for nariko.

Fan would do better then this if he had the same budget..etc lol

assdan1686d ago

I'm sorry, but that was beyond hilarious. The animation is also just not very good. I've seen video games have better animation than that.

CrossingEden1686d ago

The cheesiness of the trailer is obviously intentional.

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DJ1686d ago

Looks really dumb. What is with the terrible music and cheesy voiceover. The animation in the game was also much better than this...

jc485731686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

It's like they are trying very hard to revive the game through this movie, but always seem to miss the point.

Soldierone1686d ago

I hope this isn't going to theaters. That was horrible in every way.

Sly had some flaws in its trailer but it still looked appealing, same with Ratchet. This though..... terrible. I love HS, but that still needs LOTS of work....

Ultr1686d ago

its their first Sony movie, they said in an interview that they improved tremedously since Heavenly Sword.
I personaly cant wait for this movie, even if its not turning out to be the greatest movie of all time, it shure will be entertaining!

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