The 5 Worst Trends in the Gaming Industry

Here are the five worst offenses regularly committed by the gaming industry and how they can be fixed.

Source: Twinfinite

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chrissx1768d ago

I agree with the article

3-4-51768d ago

Yea it's all spot on really.

DLC can work, but it's being abused.

Derekvinyard131768d ago

There are few devs who do dlc right undead nightmare was great

Stick891768d ago

I agree with this list with one minor exception and that is in the DLC category. I actually embrace stupid, non-plot, DLC (looking at you horse armor) because it is something that the developer can make some extra money on, that when most gamers look at it they won't feel like they are missing out from a part of the game.

As for plot-centric/gameplay DLC. It can be done right, and be the new "Expansion Pack" and it can be done horribly horribly wrong, for example pretty much anything with Capcom's name on it last gen. This kind of DLC will make a gamer feel like their initial investment was a waste more than anything else, and that is not what DLC should do.

Relientk771768d ago

Mobile games (on cell phones/smartphones)

fonger081768d ago

The "horse armor" has to be one the most infamous pieces of DLC ever lol.

DualWielding1768d ago

the article forgot the worst trend of all, Locking content on the disk and requiring you to buy toys to unlock it.