Sony Re-Introducing Nariko Before New PS4 Game With Heavenly Sword Movie?

For years now fans have been begging for the sophmore story of Nariko, however it has been over 7 years since gamers were graced by her presence. Could this be Sony’s way of re-introducing Nariko to not only her fans but newcomers alike. It sure feels like the right approach.

Playstation users should be on the look out for an impressive Heavenly Sword sequel game preview reveal at the conclusion of the new movie.

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-Foxtrot1745d ago

Long as Anna Torv voices her in the PS4 games that is all I care about.

Nariko has to be in it though <SPOILERS> I know she's dead but I doubt the heavenly sword or the gods themselves would allow her to stay dead.

I guess they could revive her so many years into the a changed world.

Nero13141745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

She reminds me of kratos lol

Darrius Cole1745d ago

Quite a gap between Nariko and Kratos.

....And that's coming from someone who has been asking for a sequel to Heavenly Sword since the first one released.

vivid831745d ago

@ Curtis92 don't you mean kratass!!!!

FamilyGuy1744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

Imagining dat Tressfx

HS looked good on PS3 and that was at the start when devs were struggling to get a grip on the programming. A PS4 sequel/prequel/re-imagining/re master/spiritual successor would be amazing!

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BlakHavoc1744d ago

Well a sequel was in the works but got cancelled back in 08 I think it was. If you google it you could get some info on it, I think it was going to be called Nariko's Resurrection or something like that.

WeAreLegion1745d ago

Please don't. That movie is going to suck!

For the love of God, let Andy Serkis direct the cut scenes again. He's brilliant.

isarai1745d ago

Doubt it, this wasn't a move by Sony, it was BLOCKADE (the people making the movie) that went to Sony because it was something THEY wanted to do

KwietStorm1745d ago

I'm sure Sony would gauge the popularity of the movie, but there isn't any definite that anything will happen afterwards.

Lucreto1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

Looks okay I need to see more. It doesn't look visually good like Ratchet or Sly movies

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The story is too old to be commented.