Capcom Planning “High-Powered” Games for NA; Unannounced Titles with Deep Down’s Engine in the Works

Capcom isn’t taking the challenge coming with the new generation lightly, and is looking to expand aggressively in the global market, as explained today by Consumer Game Business Executive Corporate Officer Katsuhiko Ichii in an internal interview for investors.

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Stick891744d ago

Monster Hunter...this it now!

Seriously, NA hasn't seen much MH love on consoles.

PurpHerbison1744d ago

Cause they have used the same engine since PS2 for Monster Hunter, that's why Monster Hunter keeps going to the lowest common denominator in terms of power each time. PS2, then PSP, then Wii/3DS/Wii U. All consoles that don't need power. Why do you think they scrapped MH3 when it got announced for PS3? They chose to go with the least amount of effort each time.

PeaSFor1744d ago

i would like a new DragonsDogma.

Sevir1744d ago

That's not trtue, there's a Monster Hunter game for 360 and one announced last year for PC that uses the cryengine 3.

abzdine1744d ago

and me a next gen Maximo! perfect with that engine

PurpHerbison1744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

It is true. And btw, Monster Huntier frontier is not exempt. The one for PC that uses the Cryengine has absolutely nothing to do with Capcom. I am speaking only about Capcom here.

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Eonjay1744d ago

Or is it Resident Evil?

Mr-Dude1744d ago

They better make a good Resident Evil, total reboot. I still wake up at night, sweating and screaming...dreaming of Leon climbing those ropes from hell!

chrissx1744d ago

Capcom has a chance to right alotta wrongs this gen...they better take it

Eldyraen1744d ago

Dragon's Dogma 2 is a must. Add in optional 2-4 player coop and it would be huge.

Stick891744d ago

While co-op would be cool, it would also kind of kill what made Dogma so unique and that was the Pawn system.

Reverent1744d ago

Unless it was just 2 player Co-op. In which case, both players could have a pawn. 2 humans, 2 pawns. I think it could work out very well.

dcj05241744d ago

Stfu right now. You know how amazing that would be?OMFG YES. It's all your fault now i'll be waiting every E3 for this.


The next Dead Rising game better be on the next gen engine, Because the DR1 and 2 engine runs like shit on Xbox One, Did you guys even optimize the engine at all!? lol

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The story is too old to be commented.