The Walking Dead TV Show and Video Game Crossover Seemingly a Possibility

Both spawned from The Walking Dead graphic novel; the video game, developed by Telltale Games, and the television show, aired on AMC, have both featured different characters and storylines, with very little crossed over between them. The possibility of other characters from the video game appearing in the television show remains a possibility.

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porkChop1686d ago

They already did crossover. Glenn was in the first season of the Telltale game.

Jovanian 1686d ago

That was comic universe glenn though, not TV universe glenn

TedCruzsTaint1686d ago

What could be interesting is if they attempted something, much like Defiance, where the game can somehow affect what happens in the show, or vice-versa.

Jim Hawking1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

@1 - Glenn is in the comic book, and he didn't look like the actor from the TV show, so that wasn't a crossover between the TV show and the game.

MasterD9191685d ago

Well I sure hope it is better than Survival Instinct.