Brashcast: Episode 42 – Call of Duty: Full Retard

This week, Liam suggests that Call of Duty’s willingness to go full retard will always give it the edge over the decidedly po-faced Battlefield franchise, Ross goes crazy for Assassin’s Creed IV (he fu*king loves pirates after all) and they both berate EA’s inability to get its sh*t together (technically speaking that is).

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Dlacy13g1767d ago

I know many on here won't / can't relate but being a father to a special needs child... I am kinda offended by the choice of episode title this site gave for this podcast. I am sure the guys mean no harm and certainly my situation puts me in a minority on N4G but just wanted to throw it out there.

Highlife1766d ago

I am also a father of a special needs child. I understand how it offends people but also know that most of the time it's not meant in a way to demean my son. As a kid I would have said something was gay if I thought it was dumb or stupid. I never meant anything by it. I don't use that today anymore. Words evolve over time. I guess I can see both sides.

Dlacy13g1766d ago

I do see both sides, and clearly they aren't trying to be mean spirited toward my son or anyone for that fact. Just want people to think and give a bit more thought to the written & spoken words they put forward on the intranet. I also appreciate the author posted a response.

Highlife1765d ago

Yeah I see that happening. A few weeks ago LeBron James used the word retarded. He later apologized unsolicited for it. He didn't mean anything by it. Just something he use to say. Words change over time and I think that this word will be used less and less.

Liam23821767d ago

I'm sorry if the title offends - it's simply taken as a movie quote. Not meant to cause offence.

Dlacy13g1766d ago

Understood and thank you for addressing.

Liam23821766d ago

It is simply in regards to COD being willing to do something a little diffetent in terms of story and DLC.......well, in comparison to Battlefield anyway.