[Opinion] Capcom should learn from Monster Hunter competitors

"To this day, I regard the Monster Hunter series as the norm when it comes to action role playing games that focus on killing massive monsters. Over the last ten years, these hunting games may have been few and far between, but I find they offer amazing experiences with their heavy emphasis on the heat of battle.

At one time, Monster Hunter was the king of its sub-genre. Any game with a similar concept was considered a clone – take Gods Eater Burst, Ragnarok Odyssey or Soul Sacrifice, for example. They’re all fun and unique, but they just don’t stand up against the Monster Hunter series.

Despite their position in my eyes as the best, I think Capcom and its Monster Hunter series could learn from other developers and maybe make the series even better."

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dedicatedtogamers1768d ago

I love me some MH and I'd prefer that the series stays the way it is. The one major difference between MH and its competitors is that MH includes more options, more simulation, more wheel-within-wheels mechanics, and more technical combat.

None of the MH "clones" (that's a bit unfair to name them such, but whatev) have MORE technical combat. All of them have LESS technical combat and MORE button-mashy/actiony combat. And MH isn't just about slaying monsters. That's the mistake all of the clones make. It's also about building your town, mining for ore, gathering bugs, fishing, planting crops, expanding your private mine, finding fertilizer, smacking your bug tree, sending felynes on quests, training your felines, finding the perfect kitchen recipe, crafting your weapons, crafting unique potions and traps and stat boosts, customizing your armor, etc. etc.

The clones have some of these things (like crafting and finding items in the level) but it's never as in-depth as MH. Believe me. I'm a huge MH fan (does it show?) and I've tried pretty much every MH clone out there. Currently replaying MHFU on my Vita, in fact.

ThanatosDMC1768d ago

Agreed. Cant believe the author compared Ragnarok Oddessey and God Eater to Monster Hunter. They're not even on the same league. Even Soul Sacrifice is lacking compared to Monster Hunter.

stavrami1768d ago

It's an opinion piece and I feel his justified. They all could learn a thing or 2 from each other. While mh is the daddy of them the last one I played on the wii was not exactly great . God eater as q 1st installment was a terrific game and ragnarok was a lot of fun to. Saying there not in the sane league a ss either as if ss comes in a 2nd is your opinion. I feel ss was the worst out the lot of them. Close range combat was useless and anyone that was anygood all ended up throwing projectiles. Ss needs a lot of work imo

ThanatosDMC1768d ago

If you think that the melee weapons in Soul Sacrifice were weak then you barely played the game or didnt underatand it. Melee is a must for end game. Projectiles dont do enough damage against end game bosses.

Nerdmaster1768d ago

People told me that Ragnarok Odyssey, God Eater and Soul Sacrifice were great alternatives to Monster Hunter ("even better than MH", some said). I played them all, but they are nowhere near as good as MH because of all the reasons you listed.

godofboobees1768d ago

Love me some monster hunter. Quite possibly the best online coop experience I've ever had

isarai1768d ago

They seriously just need to make a MH for PS3/PS4/Vita. or at least bring Portable 3rd HD to the west

ShadowKingx1768d ago

i agree here, we need monster hunter asap. although will all the ps4 support sony has piled since launch of ps4, i have feeling we might just see a monster hunter. but time will tell.

ShadowKingx1768d ago

i played monster hunters since ps2, nevered played psp versions primary because im not big on handheld devices but i have been playing monster hunter ultimate since it came out and really love it, its a great team co-op game, you really have to pay attention or you will just fail. these are how co-op games are supposed to be, monster hunter can learn from competitors, i think competitors should learn from monster hunter in my opinion.

user95970821768d ago

Everything that people complain about as being lacking in Monster Hunter would just turn the games into a mindless button mashing grind. All it needs are updated graphics and maybe a better physics engine and a super stable online infrastructure. What I'm saying is that it needs to be on Xbone and PS4 eventually. I love my portable 3ds hunts but I've always dreamt of playing a real hidef monster hunter.

wonderfulmonkeyman1768d ago

Just fyi, mh3u on the wii u has a very stable online connection, and if the next one is built around the wii u's tech, it'll look nice enough to impress.

user95970821768d ago

It's alright but it's still not as stable as if it were on Xbox live or psn. I get dropped often enough to be frustrating and the friend system is kinda old

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1768d ago


Wrong. MH3U on Wii U has absolutely no online problems

wonderfulmonkeyman1768d ago

Erm, the "friend" system doesn't rely on codes, unlike the 3DS version...
Also, no, I don't get dropped at all.
Like, ever.
If you're getting dropped often, that's on your internet, not on the game's servers.
They run flawlessly for me.^_-

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