The cold war on the Adults Only rating must stop if gaming is to grow up

Game ratings were designed to open the door for different kinds of content, not limit what can be shown or addressed in a video game.
The idea was that developers and publishers would be given more freedom in their games if it was simple to indicate that some games were aimed at an adult audience. The games were clearly marked that they weren’t for kids, retailers would enforce the ratings, and the stigma of gaming being a pursuit where children would stumble across potentially damaging content would be removed.

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sungam3d1772d ago

Tell me about it.
Australian gamers fought hard for an R18+ for our games.
But guess what? Nothing changed. MA15+ games were just re-branded as R18+
We still get contented from our games removed because our lame ass government doesn't think adults can deal with sex drugs and violence.

I thought that was the point of an R18+ rating, to have games available for all adults. But apparently not. Just another way for some old fart to make money by complaining about a game, getting content removed and setting the age rating on it.

Nothing has changed, and nothing ever will as long as old farts are running the show.

ziggurcat1772d ago

Unfortunately, what happens is you get negligent parents that buy these games for their children... and then complain about games being too violent.

ibrake4naps1772d ago

but if the games have an age limit, that's the equivalent of negligent parents buying porn for their kids and complaining about the nudity.

Naga1772d ago

I partially agree. Consider, however, that many parents who purchase video games for their children have a completely different idea of what a video game even is. They consider "video games" through a lens which is dated by their age. They probably think of Mario, Sonic, Frogger, or any number of benign gaming experiences - what games once were.

Gaming, however, has grown up in a big way, and now rivals the mature experience of movies... and many parents don't realize this. This, I think, is one of the reasons video games aren't given the same level of scrutiny by parents. And in that way, it's very unlike the example you bring up of buying porn for children and complaining. The content of the latter is well known and always has been, while the same cannot be said of video games.

I'm not suggesting we give negligent parents a free pass, by any means. I'm just positing a partial explanation for the problem. At the end of the day, however, I think that if parents have raised children in an environment where video games can have such an impact on their conscience such that disrupts their moral compass... the parents have already failed in their duties. Video games have never been the real problem - bad parents have.

ibrake4naps1772d ago

The videogame medium shouldn't be held back from anything film does just because parents are out of touch and think that games are a child's play thing.

Naga1771d ago

That may be true, but I never suggested otherwise. What part of what I said are you disagreeing with?

ibrake4naps1771d ago

My reply wasnt a dissagreement. I was just adding that since it's the problem of the parent's outdated perceptions, games should be rated but not censored...

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MasterD9191772d ago

As a kid, I would always play games that were meant for mature gamers. The only effect it has had on me is that I still enjoy playing them to this day.

It truly depends on the person. However, I completely understand the concern as games now a-days are significantly more graphic.

alexkoepp1772d ago

The only thing that isn't in MA games anymore is showing sexual penetration... honestly does the author think this will make gaming grow up? AO games are made, if you are in such a thirst for them go buy them. Better yet when you are at the porn store to buy one just skip the game and buy a DVD or magazine instead...

xymox3331772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

This is so stupid. I am getting sick of this, Does every single game made have to be rated MA17+ (Intended for people 17 and up) in the untied states before people are happy?

I swear these so called "adults" need to stop trying to make every single thing in this country for them and them alone. It's like they forget that there are other age groups are something. To be honest most of the people complaining seem to be in there 20s and 30s, they act like the world revolves around there age group only, therefor everything should be for them. Most of the other age groups seem to be fine with gaming how it is.

And for the love of God parents. Will you stop overprotecting your kids! Generation Z might be the last group of non-babied people born if parents keep this up. I understand wanting to keep your kid safe, but come on!

How do expect your kid to learn anything about life, if all you ever do is protect them, baby them, and deal with all of there problems for them. It is really hard for some kids after being raised like that to have any form of independence. Why? Because they got used to mom and dad doing everything for them.

jessupj1772d ago

You have completely and utterly missed the point. Well done sir.

It's not about wanting more AO games. It's about giving developers the freedom to add whatever content they feel is necessary for their vision and it's also about giving adult gamers the choice of what games they want to buy instead of letting 3rd parties decide for them.

You do understand how immoral that is? Been forced to let a 3rd party decide what you can and can't buy.

You could even argue it's unconstitutional and against basic human rights.

I'm not asking for more AO games. I'm asking for the short sighted, stuck in the past 3rd parties to stop babying gaming and give the industry it's freedom.

CrossingEden1771d ago

@jessupj, You basically just said that every developer should be allowed to put whatever they want into a game without taking any of the responsibility for it. If game developers wanna put whatever offensive content they want into a game then they need to take responsibility whenever that content is offensive to a large majority of people. That's how adulthood works.

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