Things every Parent should Know about their Children and Video Games

Odds are, if you have a child they spend hours on end playing video game or at least wishing they were playing video games. Video games have become a common trend among a young crowd over the years and with advancements in technology, every parent has something to worry about. Weather jr. enjoys console gaming like on Sony’s new PS4 or Microsoft’s new Xbox One or even games as small as those that appear on tablets, some parents are missing the mark on what’s appropriate for young eyes.

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TheSuperior 1765d ago

I think there would be a lot less problems focused on gaming in general of parents took the time to understand a few basics. Everything is in their control, what their kids do with their games how they are played and who they are allowd to communicate with and yet we still get that news about video games causing violence; a fact i dont believe is all that true. idk its a touchy subject but if parents did take the time to learn more about gaming it could end up being benificial to their children.

Link2DaFutcha1765d ago

The main thing that parents need to do is to make sure they see video games on the same level as movies, you're not going to take your 12 yr old kid to go see a movie like Kill Bill or Nymphomaniac, so why would you buy your child a game like CoD or GTA 5? Add that to the fact that consoles have locks to prevent kids from playing games past a certain rating and no parent has any right to complain about games ruining children. Parents need to take responsibility for what media they let their kids consume, and Justin Beiber, that should just stop too...

evilkillerk1765d ago

parents dont care enough.

Sketchy_Galore1765d ago

Playing GTA5 was the first time I ever thought that if I had kids I would not let them play this but then I think back to some of my favourite movies when I was a kid. Dawn of the dead, Robocop (the originals obviously), American werewolf in London, Predator. Total recall. Rewatching some of those as an adult reveals tons of sexual language and content that I didn't remember at all because it just must have washed over me back in the day when I didn't quite understand it. As for the violence. I remember watching the grosser moments of Robocop and Total recall and thinking 'wow that was cool', watching them again today leaves me kinda shaken. There are parts of Robocop that leave me seriously disturbed these days but back in the day I just found them funny.