The Best Next Gen Platform Is… The Wii U? (For Now)

PlayMagazine writes: "Since its launch in November 2012, Nintendo’s Wii U hasn’t really been setting the world alight. Managing an extremely modest 5.86m in sales as of December 31st, the console is close to being passed out by the PS4 and Xbox One already in terms of install base. This is clearly bad news for Nintendo, who revised sales projections downwards substantially towards the end of last year, but is it possible that it’s even worse news for gamers?"

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DonDon1769d ago

I sense strong delusion...

R00bot1769d ago

Oh, because the writer prefers one console to another he's delusional? Makes sense..

NeoTribe1769d ago

No, because hes not only stating an opinion as a fact, but hes trying to say the console least wanted and least supported is somehow magically better than the ones flying off store shelves... its delusion or wishful thinking either way you look at it.

Death1769d ago

The writer made the mistake of thinking games should be the selling point for a console.

UltimateMaster1769d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Well, here's what is disappointing about the Wii U.
(Beyond the lack of 3rd party support)

The lackluster game pad.
Don't get me wrong, I like the game pad, it has a lot of potential, if it ever gets used that is...

Nintendo released a bunch of Super Mario Bro and Super Luigi that were clearly designed for the WiiMote+ and the Wii. Yes, the Wii can play these games.
Super Mario 3D world is really the only one and the first to actually implement the Touch Screen functions in game in a meaningful way.

If your main selling point is the game pad, then use it! The PS4 uses their Touch pad.

It feels like everything is reversed. The Wii heavily using the Wiimote while the Sixaxis on the PS3 was barely used. It's not bad, it's just not being used enough.

Use it more often and it should pay off on your casual games.
The HTML5 games are going to play the best on the Wii U Game Pad.
That will be sweet.

jcnba281769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

I sense a fanboy's feelings being hurt...

wonderfulmonkeyman1769d ago

Way to ignore the fact that they're only flying off of shelves due to hyper and launch sales, which always taper off eventually.
If you think the ps4 won't eventually hit a sales slump at its current price point, that its initial sales mean it will always have that steady a pace after all the hype has died, you're the delusional one.

kB01767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

It's still sold's what? 3 months later....

Ps4 will slow down when enough people bought the device.

If anyone thinks the Wii.U is the best next gen is fairly delusional, especially considering how bad their sales are.

PS4 and Xbox One are close to matching it within 3 months...and the Wii.U had a 1 year advantage.

At this point the only devices keeping them in is the 3Ds which is selling like CRAZY....completely leaving the Vita in the Dust.


The Vita also outsold the wii.U. So you can tell how bad sales are.

It's too bad because I usually play Mario games more than any other.

ape0071769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

if nintendo handled the wiiu well like Microsoft did with the Xbox 360, wiiu would easily be(imo) the best nextgen system, it would be the true successor for the SNES/N64, they had a full year advantage and they just blow it up

imagine that u can have all third party games in their full glory with full online support and the Nintendo pure gold 1st party games in even better gfx and full online support

just imagine that

i put all the blame on nintendo for mishandling the wiiu, it's a system that was targeted for everyone, the casual and the hardcore (Wii and U) but it failed hard on that promise

if i were a 3rd party developer, i'll absolutely dread the wiiu, i mean even if i put time and effort programming for its architecture, i'll still be waaay behind the games built on ps4 and Xbox one and with abysmal sales, it's a Lose-Lose situation

i feel so bad for nintendo's pure gold, CLass A studios like Retro studios, man do want a system like ps4 or X1 to fulfill their development dreams and good earnings

nintendo's management needs an attitude adjustment

valormeer1769d ago

Should Really drug test their writers before letting them post.

JoseV761769d ago

Man, what's he's smoking cuz I want some of that!

davethedj1769d ago

hahah man stop this bullsh..ittt
people please accept the fact wiiuuu is nothing and is already dead

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