For the Love of Flappy Bird and Android Games

Games and apps on Android are just as popular as video gaming is on one of the popular consoles – if not more. Mobile and social gaming is here and booming!

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TheVideoGamHer1765d ago

Personally I believe that mobile games are heavily slept on. They aren't console quality yet, but they can get there quicker than people want to believe.

curtis921765d ago

Visually, yes. But that does not equal console level gameplay.

TheVideoGamHer1765d ago

With the increase in gamepad controllers for smart phone games, I think that will change. Developers are taking note that there is a market for mobile games and they are responding appropriately.

DeathOfTheFanBoy1765d ago

I really like some of the mobile games I play on my phone, jet pack joyride, plands vs zombie's, Halo spartan assault etc... But I will ALWAYS prefer playing on my PC or consoles, much much less restrictive.

kornbeaner1765d ago

At this point there really is no sleeping on it. It is huge, but it will never reach a console/PC level. even if you added a gamepad, way to connect a KB/M setup, its just never going to get there.

Mobile games are designed to do one thing, make money. Make it simple enough, easy enough and addictive enough while spending as little as possible in order to make the most money possible. This is where the restrictions lay. No developer or publisher is going to invest millions of dollars to bring a big boy experience to the mobile market.

First restriction the Android Market. Too Many android device variables. If you don't develop for low and/or mid end devices you eliminate up to 2/3 of your buying market, if you do and they don't buy you just lost millions in R&D and development.

You can just go straight exclusive with iOS keep cost low and simple and hope to hit it big, but then you risk losing money on what could potentially be a mass market success on the Android platform. A later port might miss all the hype. Mobile games have a staying power of maybe 6 months, there are exceptions like Angry birds and Plants vs. zombies.

The cost of the devices are restrictive and the devices themselves are not bought for gaming as its main function. Games are nice to have on a phone but that is a secondary nice feature to have on a phone and with a price tag upward of $600 without a contract and low 3's to 2's with a contract. People, especially those wanting to game are better off just buying a console if what they want to do is game. A 3ds or vita would also be a better option for on the go gaming.

The mobile market is too niche for anyone to invest millions to try to replicate a big experience and we will never see it happen.

BelkingOfSony1765d ago

The game has not been taken down from the Google Play store. It will not show when you tap 'Top Free', but if you tap on the 'search' button and type 'Flappy Bird' the game is still there

SpideySpeakz1765d ago

I'm currently learning 2D game development for Unity. I'ma try to cash in big, and live like a fat cat.