PhantomL0rd's HeadSet, $80,100: Going Once... Going Twice...

How does this even happen? Who has a Nissan GTR's worth of cash to drop on a headset from a person who has only been "famous" for a very short period of time?

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guitarded771618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

Who the hell is PhantomL0rd?

Also, it's just shill bidding. They're not serious bids. Sometimes people drive prices up for lulz, or even the seller drives the price up with a fake account for attention. If this guys headset gets crazy bids on it, he gets free press.

itBourne1618d ago

He is a popular League of Legends streamer, not a pro player either. He has a die hard fan base and is very outspoken. Similar to Destiny in SC2 if that helps any.

Akuma071618d ago

If he isn't even good at LoL then why do people watch him?

itBourne1618d ago

He is in Diamond league, but people watch him for his personality. I find him quite annoying myself. Plus he got popular when the game was younger still.

Capt-FuzzyPants1618d ago


In ranked matches he plays with all of the professionals he just doesn't play on a team in tournaments. So people watch him because he is good, but also because he screams... a lot.

manaxknight11618d ago

what kind of headset is the headset?

Nakiro1618d ago

Not really news and not really gaming related. Why it's here is beyond me.

NarooN1618d ago

Why is this even here? Who the hell is this PhantomL0rd commoner, anyway?

Linwelin1618d ago

he's a League of Legends streamer.

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