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Submitted by NYC_Gamer 727d ago | video

Seven Minutes of Developer Gameplay - Lords of the Fallen

IGN:It's a Zelda/Dark Souls/Darksiders mash-up. Yes, it looks as cool as it sounds. (Lords of the Fallen, PC, PS4, Xbox One)

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theXtReMe1  +   727d ago
Wow. Looks astonishing. I cannot wait to play this!
GarrusVakarian  +   727d ago
Particle ballerina of death!

This game looks pretty damn good so far.
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whitefang1988  +   727d ago
Reminds me of dark siders slightly.

The art direction looks brilliant. I hope at some point in the game those giants come to life!
Destrania  +   727d ago
That was my favorite part haha. Love the art style. The way the game's laid out reminds me of Demon's Souls (obviously), though the combat definitely seems more loose. Can't wait to see more.
DragonKnight  +   727d ago
This game looks fantastic. So much like Demon's Souls mixed with Darksiders/Zelda. Can't wait for this game. And it's coming out in the Fall? Damn, wish it was now.
vishmarx  +   727d ago
i like everything but the combat...
maybe its just me but it seems kinda off.
im finding it hard to tell if actually even makes contact with his weapon.or his hits have any weight to them
also ,he's playing too much like dark souls when it doesnt seem necessary at all.
or maybe it was just the video. i mean they barely showed us any mechanics outside running round and slashing.
SaturdayNightBeaver  +   727d ago
man its sick , i wish i can time travel to this game release!!! OMG such hype
Kayant  +   727d ago
The combat is looking great. Can't wait to see and hear more.

The particle effects on the sword are awesome.
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Eldyraen  +   727d ago
Looks like something I might enjoy. Hopefully it stays that way and progresses well as like the look and sound of the game in general.
NYC_Gamer  +   727d ago
I really hope the game turns out to be quality since the developers are going for the Darksiders/Dark Souls vibe
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Roccetarius  +   727d ago
This looks pretty good. It does seem like they allow longer attack windows, but that's fine with me.
IRNMUNKEY  +   727d ago
Looks like Darksiders. Which is a good thing!
ZodTheRipper  +   727d ago
I disagree.
IRNMUNKEY  +   727d ago
Oh well I liked Darksiders you obviously didn't each to their own.
wsoutlaw87  +   727d ago
looks fun. I like that even though they say there going for arcady combat, they are still trying to make it tactical and fun. I wasnt interested in this game at all until now.
Gamesgbkiller  +   727d ago
Finally, Demon Souls for dummies.

I hope the game is more challenging when it comes out.
dcj0524  +   727d ago
Just play it on hardest difficulty.
Back-to-Back  +   727d ago
Guaranteed it will be a button masher, which dark souls is the complete opposite.
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TheFutureIsBlue  +   727d ago
Holy cow this looks fun and awesome! Mixture of Demons Souls/Darksiders/Legend of Zelda combat ftw!
Aon  +   727d ago
I'd like combat style in this game:) Graphics looks awesome. I believe when Lords of the Fallen release will be even better :)
redey3  +   727d ago
I like the graphics and the gameplay but I'm not liking the score system when you hit them ( It breaks the immersion for me ) and the health bars of the minions, I hope you can disable them.
isarai  +   727d ago
FINALLY!!! the wait was well worth it, this game looks freakin STELLAR! cannot wait to see more
Aon  +   727d ago
Game can change to release date:) So we can waiting and see what develops changing and what will be improve.
Sketchy_Galore  +   727d ago
Am I just getting old? Everything looks the same these days and hardly any of it interests me. Every new one of these games I check out just leaves me depressed about the lack of creativity in the industry but I honestly don't know if it's just me. Maybe I need a break from gaming.
SaturdayNightBeaver  +   727d ago
i feel same sometimes, but then somehow i find myself still playing games a lot.. hard for me to explain actually lol..
but a break is nice, can be good.
Salooh  +   727d ago
It's not only you. After playing a game like the last of us i expected multiplatforms to try to achieve some of it's mature elements. This looks like another mindless sword fighting game.

Some old games are even better and more advanced then these new games. Instead of bringing something interesting/challenging/compli cated..etc games getting easier and more simple. And their stories doesn't try to achieve anything huge. They aim for another story to tell instead of trying to achieve a masterpiece and generic gameplay so that all people can play it without thinking..

But still gonna buy it since only few games release each month and not all of them are interesting to me. This one will be about fun when there is nothing else to play :P
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Aon  +   727d ago
Maby you have right and too much play:D But remember one think, Lords of the Fallen have own story, combat style. And all another story is another game. Here we have choice to 3 character class. For me it great idea.
Studio-YaMi  +   727d ago
It happens,I went through that phase too when I got my gaming PC and downloaded so many games off of steam,every game I played I felt like "meh,I'm not enjoying this..." and I was actually depressed by that because some of the games I played were actually unique and fun but I just couldn't feel it.

Just take a break and enjoy other things instead then come back and you'll see yourself enjoying games and gaming again.
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Salooh  +   727d ago
Second son / Uncharted / Quantum break / The order / Mirror's edge 2 / FF15 / Rockstar next game..etc are one of the few games i'm really looking forward to play . They will show the power of these new consoles and in the same time we will get mature stuff instead of this same old stuff.. :P
webeblazing  +   727d ago
Same everything right now is about gfx and overhyped exclusives. Most are copy n paste with a new coat of paint
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Salooh  +   727d ago
Man, i wish if this was about the graphics. I expected something near that first trailer. I guess all we get is a little bit better better graphics.
Salooh  +   727d ago
I'm with dark soul comments , it's mainly for casual compared to dark souls/demon souls..
thricetold  +   727d ago
Wow, didn't know you had played it already, how does it end? Is there some type of magical rainbow weapon as well?

You don't know? You mean you HAVEN'T played it yet? Wow, and your comments made sooo many good points and sounded so grounded in facts that I was ready to take your words of wisdom.

Amazing how you can just look at games that have ZERO gameplay or even been announced and proclaim their greatness or lack there of without knowing squat. Can't wait to play those games that are so different from the same ol same that plagued the 7th gen.

Do you think drake will go on another treasure hunt? That's never been done before. What about a superpowered hero game, that's never been done right? I got it, let's do a game about lycans because that's fresh/new/mature. lol, carry on...
Salooh  +   727d ago
I just need to know the idea of the game and one video to know what they will offer. I don't need to play a game to know it's level. This will be a good game but not something great

Look at the gameplay , it's like the same code of demon soul ( i'm not saying it is a clone but it's similar and i don't mind that) but with worst gameplay. I would be glad if they prove me wrong . It's not like i'm wishing it to fail. I'm just saying a lot of games should evolve not get worst or stay in the same level because we have new consoles so they should push these consoles , if they can't do it then at least make the gameplay challenging and interesting.

Graphically it's not something special , it doesn't feel next gen , it's like a pc version of last gen games.

They are not achieving any of these. So why would i expect it to be better then what i saw . I'm giving it a chance by buying it but from the video and from the way he talk i'm not going to be expecting anything next gen or anything challenging because that's not their goal , if that's their goal he would said it.

If you can't accept this as a fact then consider it as an opinion , it all depend on the person experience in gaming. At least they are focusing on the new consoles and pc ^^
thricetold  +   727d ago
lol, Nothing you said can be accepted as fact, at all. It's all opinion and I'm cool with yours, just as long as you acknowledge that your opinion is bias and grounded in very little to zero facts.

No one has seen any combat gameplay for the order and we hear it's a solo linear experience but you're ready to claim it's a true next gen game that shows off the power of next gen. Just how does it do this when it plays presumably like a 7th gen title?

I love infamous like the next fan but it looks like it plays very similar to the others but with new powers and better graphics.

Is next gen simply about prettier graphics for you? I for one would take 7th gen graphics like tlou and new gameplay elements than better graphics with 7th gen gameplay.

It's funny but I bet if this was an exclusive you'd feel differently, if reading your past post are any indicator. but I digress, I'm just bored and your comment prompted a response.
SlapHappyJesus  +   727d ago
This one is now officially on my radar.
Tzuno  +   727d ago
looks nasty... my PC is ready.
aLiEnViSiToR  +   727d ago
This reminds me so much of Darksiders :D i'm really looking forward to this game.
Ch1d0r1  +   727d ago
Looks great!
ThePowerpuffGirl  +   727d ago
Looks amazing and very promising. I can't wait to play. No matter what others say, this isn't DS or whatever else...Lord of the Fallen is Lords of the Fallen nothing else....
thricetold  +   727d ago
love what I'm seeing, can't wait to play it. Really nice when devs are confident in their work to show gameplay in pre-alpha instead of using hype and screen stills to show off the game.

Hope more devs use more gameplay vids and less fanboy hype to drum up excitement for 8th gen games.
Harmonizer  +   727d ago
Lords of the Fallen, Witcher 3 and Dragon Age 3 this i can't wait!
GhettoBlasStarr  +   727d ago
Thank you for listing the same three games I was going to list. I would pay you....but as you see I must save money for said games.
first1NFANTRY  +   727d ago
game looks nothing like the cgi trash they've been feeding to us. looks kinda outdated and done before to be honest. oh well i'm sure others will like it. i expect way more from next gen titles. the hardware is there now so make huge strides!
ssj27  +   727d ago
Demons souls but with less punishment and faster pace..

I need to see more bosses before getting it but it's under my radar for sure, it looks fun..

I will be really hyped if it looked as good as deep down, but in term of gameplay seem fun.
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Fullmetalevolust  +   727d ago
It seems to play like Dark souls with fighting mechanics somewhat similar to darksiders, whatever it ends up being, it's definitely dark.
Not very reminiscent to Zelda, perhaps due to its somber atmosphere. Ocarina is perhaps what they're basing it on as far as comparisons?
That dude that attacked from the hidden corner of the room would've had my head for sure, lol. Sneak attack!
Cool art direction and aesthetic, will keep an eye on that one.
mogwaii  +   727d ago
VERY darksiders, nothing special, will keep an eye on this one.
MaxwellBuddha  +   727d ago
Great visuals, but that combat looks AWFUL.
wannabe gamer  +   727d ago
Really liking this.
nix  +   727d ago
it was quite easy to kill the first boss.. the combo moves were just dumb... it just keeps swaying in one direction and the player just stands next to it and watches it swagger by.

i hope it gets better by the time it releases. good art but i found nothing special about it.
TheDivine  +   727d ago
Idk. Like the looks and how it reminds me of demons souls but the combat seems boring. It seems like Darksiders but without combos and it seems like DS without a meaningful block system. Il def want to see more but it didnt really wow me.

Does anyone else think this looks like Infinity Blade in full 3d? That tower with the boss at the end reminds me of that so much.
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