New NBA Live 14 patch includes visual upgrades and animations improvements

GameZone: A hard effort to make the game better after horrible reviews is finally starting to take form, as fans on Twitter seem to be generally pleased with the latest changes.

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JoGam894d ago

Still doesn't look better than 2K.

TrueJerseyDevil894d ago

Atleast you can play it though. 2k is unplayable online

JoGam894d ago

If 2k is unplayable online that's sad. People spend their hard earned money on these games and I think it should be playable from day one. But it still looks better than Live.

C-H-E-F894d ago

@True ??? Really I play online every day bro. Quick game and at The Court. How about you try to get better internet cheap bastard child of Satan.

TrueJerseyDevil894d ago

Live might be bad but atleast they are making effort to make it better. 2k has been unplayable since launch and the updates havent fixed a thing

Deividas894d ago

Been playing every day since release, online and offline just fine. Had one day for a couple hours where the 2K servers were down and couldnt play but other than that, have not had a single problem.

XiSasukeUchiha894d ago

Damn this one sad game indeed (sobbing) (sarcasticly)

JeromeNtheHouse894d ago

Fa real. EA jus needs to gon ahead and sit down somewhere.

sovietsoldier894d ago

too little too late, you lose EA.

EA sports is not in the game.

GameingmyLife894d ago

Im sorry but there is no helping this game... Retire Live.... Jordan did