Pre-Release Hype: How Much Is Too Much?

We’re all very excited for games such as Titanfall, Infamous: Second Son, and The Order: 1886. It’s very understandable that these titles are highly anticipated. All 3 look fantastic, and show the promise of their respective consoles. However, I am begging you gamers, BEGGING YOU, to slow down before you crash. I have witnessed this before, and it never ends well.

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hankmoody1768d ago

I'll say this much, it's a little ridiculous to me that months ago, people were going crazy over The Order: 1886 without knowing a single damn thing about it. Infamous has its fans and we all knew what to expect more or less so I can understand the hype for it in regards to its built in fanbase. Titanfall blew the doors off of E3 with its gameplay reveal trailer and again, I can understand the hype there because they came out, showed what they were offering and the gaming community sat up in full attention for it. I've been hearing people talking about The Order: 1886 for months now and I honestly don't understand what the fuss is over that game. Sure it looks nice and all but most of what I'm getting seems to be hype talk from the game's lead dev. If the game rocks, I'm all for it but the level of anticipation for this game makes me scratch my head. Even if it were an XB1 exclusive, I'm pretty sure I'd feel the same way.

OurcadeGames1768d ago

TBH The Order was the game that prompted this. I feel its being built up so fast and it could backfire. Ready at Dawn has a good solid pedigree but this is new territory for them. I think we should make them show and prove before they get the benefit of the doubt.

Edsword1768d ago

Oh come on, Titanfall has been hyped way more than the Order. At least most the Order hype is coming from gamers not PR. Either way there is always a danger in over hyping.

whybag1768d ago

GTAV was awesome, the online was a huge step backwards, and got dull very fast. I don't think many people complained the whole package sucked, just the online. The replayability dropped rapidly after collecting all the stuff, but it's a GTA game, it's still fun to get 5 stars are blow things up.

SteamPowered1768d ago

Hype can drop dead. Results are where its at.

BluP1768d ago

Titanfall = too much hype. If the game is good, people will buy it, it has more than enough publicity (too much imho). No need to waste money hyping it up. But if it's bad, people will be much less likely to trust Respawn (and EA, lol) in the future (look at how Fuse turned out). This goes for all games. Too much hype is always bad. Not enough publicity is bad too, though.

Also, a side note, I think Flappy Bird is an experiment to see if hype and talking about a (mobile) game will get people to buy it. That, or the NSA is involved. The game is selling for big money, making people want to keep it on their phone. Everything happens for a reason in this world, one should always ask "why".

Ra30301768d ago

Has there ever been a new IP hyped like Titanfall...ever? I can't think of one. I can't understand the hype but then most of it is coming from Microsoft paying for the hype IMO. This hype for this game is just way over done. We've seen all that Titanfall has to offer in many other games. We've seen mechs and jet packs before and at its core it's not a clone of Call of Duty it is Call of Duty. We've even seen AI bots in multiplayer settings. I hope it's a good game and the 360 version is playable because that's where I'd be playing it but I'm not gonna hold my breath on the 360 version being a good game. We all remember the after the Xbox 360 launch multi plat games with the original Xbox and how those were just a waste of money but we'll see.

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