Nintendo Has No Complaints About Mobile Smash Hit Flappy Bird

According to Yasuhiro Minagawa from Nintendo, the Japanese company has no complaints about mobile game Flappy Bird.

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listenkids1588d ago

I would be surprised if they did.

PSnation41588d ago

im more interested in that game in the picture where it squashes the birds..where u control the pipes and just squash those birds and not let any pass through..can't find it anywhere..

MRHARDON1588d ago

Squishy Bird, that's what you are looking for.

Bathyj1588d ago

Good for them. Apparently the only ones not making a big deal about this.

Akuma071588d ago

Not going to stop all the conspiracy theorists.

Chapter111588d ago

And yet they get mad when people play their games on Youtube.