The Spawn of the Open World Survival Genre

OnlySP: Survive. That’s your objective: you don’t have to save the world, you don’t have to kill a fearless warlord. All you have to do is survive. This may seem boring, right? Not anymore as a few games recently have taken this formula and enhanced it, making the survival genre a very prominent figure in the gaming industry.

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3 p I c1767d ago

Spawn.. Open World.. Hmm can we get an open world Spawn game? Lol.

MRMagoo1231767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

These kinds of games were what i dreamed online would be about when crap like COD was selling millions, i have no interest in FPS games anymore. With the consoles having a lot more RAM now days i think its time for devs to start delving into what they can do with open world games and forget the linear FPS genre. I think there is huuuuuuuuge potential for devs to make any open world game they can dream up this gen. Looking forward to it and i just hope its not another FPS gen.

For that to happen tho ppl need to stop buying the same tired FPS games every time they release and then devs might start making new games.

1765d ago