Sega sells more PC than console games, but pachinko machines eclipse both

Sega's doing much better in the PC and digital market as console game sales crash, but pachinko is still the biggest earner.

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qu1ckset1501d ago

Yes cause we don't want your crappy sonic games , give us PSO2 !!!

TheEnigma3131501d ago

Sonic generations and sonic transformed are pretty fun games.

thezeldadoth1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

I just beat generations, it was awesome and refreshing. also transformed is an amazing racer (the devs from project gotham racing worked on it)

Marcello1501d ago

Ok SEGA sell me an Pinchinko machine so long als it come bundled with Shenmue 3

SegaGamer1501d ago

I want both, i love Sonic and Phantasy Star, they are probably my 2 favourite games series.

It's just sad that everyone outside Japan are missing out on PSO2.

nope1111501d ago

I want PSO2 too :( preferably on my Vita in english.

MasterCornholio1501d ago

Ive always wanted to play Pachinko.


Marcello1501d ago

Play Shenmue 2 then you can play Pinchinko forever :)

beatled1500d ago

pc makes more money than all consoles combined

people like freedom

Volkama1500d ago

Pfft you can take my freedom, but you'll never take my POWER.

And I'd prefer it if you don't take my freedom.

starchild1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Luckily, with the PC you can have both POWER and FREEDOM.

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