Telltale Needs To Stop Pretending Their Games Aren't Broken

NowGamer: "We explain why our patience with The Walking Dead developer is wearing thin and why repeated technical issues with Telltale games need to be addressed."

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Gamesgbkiller1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

I'm still waiting for EP1 on VITA.

Why does it take so long ?

Did they decide it to wait for all the EPs to come out ?

cleft51770d ago

I agree with the author 100%. I like the stories they tell, but deal with the glitches and bugs is just so annoying. If they are going to doing all of these games they need to get their act together and make sure these technical issues are fixed.

AntoineDcoolette1770d ago

Damn am I the only one who had a nearly glitch free experience with The Walking Dead?

Only issue I remember was when episode 2 came out and was unplayable until it got a patch several hours later.

Soldierone1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

You'd think with months between episodes the least they could do is make sure it functions properly lol....

I remember people hating me for saying the first season had issues... I mean I loved the games, great stories, but to say they didn't have glitches?

Fix those glitches and the game gets so much better. Their poker game was horrible.... such a simple idea that is destroyed by framerate issues and glitches.....

morganfell1769d ago

First they stated they were planning to add inverted aim to TWD. And then they quietly ignored all the questions over that. Now finally TWAU has begin to convince people all of the money the studio is making apparently goes into the ether and they are not the developers they appear to be at first glance.

There are more than a handful of upset people at GAF:

minimur121769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

The only glitches I've noticed, which are pretty annoying but it doesn't really bother me too much. Its just before the gameplay cuts into a cutscene where it freezes for about 4 seconds, but I'm not sure of that's because my ps3 is full up on HDD space, 320gb (plus the fact that its my own one, not stock) but the system itself is only a year old from the store.

Edit: thinking about it, I do remember there being out of sync sound. I noticed it but obviously brushed it off. They clearly faced a huge bug and effed up along the line, which is why it took 3 months ( but it still should've been playable lol)

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Kryptonite42O1770d ago

@ AntoineDcoolette

I didn't notice any really bad glitches or issues either.. at times the frame rate was a exceptionally disappointing, but it wasn't game breaking or anything. I still enjoyed the game from start to finish.. That goes for TWAU too, which I'm actually enjoying even more than TWD

porkChop1770d ago

They really do. Trying to play TWD on Vita is a test of your patience. Their games have such ridiculously poor performance no matter what platform they're being played on, and Telltale doesn't even bother trying to fix the performance issues in any of their games. It just comes across as lazy, disrespectful, and greedy. They want your money, but they don't seem to care about the quality of your experience considering they continue to release games with the exact same problems.

DanielGearSolid1770d ago

Their games have issues, but to call developers lazy, disrespectful, and greedy is a bit much...

You dont know anything about their development cycles, workloads, resources etc... Atleast get more informed about certain situations before getting up on your high horse

(For the record I do not enjoy telltale games at all... But It does bother me when outsiders like us call devs lazy when these games take thousands of man hrs just to get to playable status)

Minipandaninja1770d ago

You're right, but the article just said they took four project at the same time and they can't get to have one working properly. That's the problem and that's why it's greedy and direspectful. I loved TWD season 1 but it was broken, the telltale poker game is lagging when you are betting. They took the game of throne project and it will probably be the same. It's hard for fans of a serie to see the game been nearly unplayable.

porkChop1770d ago

"You dont know anything about their development cycles, workloads, resources etc..."

I know that they've taken on 4 different games all at once even though they can barely handle making a single working game. I know that they continue to move onto new projects without ever fixing the problems with the old ones. I know that they continue to move onto big money making franchises like Game of Thrones and Borderlands. I know that they made truckloads of money with TWD, money that could be used to improve their engine/games, but they choose not to.

AntoineDcoolette1770d ago

I'm interested in what these issues are if you don't mind elaborating.

Minipandaninja1770d ago

The frame drop constantly and it's a point and clic/reflex game. See the problem? I did TWD on ps3 because I couldn't get trough the second action scene with the xbox version. You have to aim at the head of a Z with your joystick and press a button to kill it before it kills you. The issue is that the game is frozen. You only hear sounds and then the screen saying you're dead pop. It does this on ps3 too but it's more playable and still frustrating.

porkChop1770d ago

Freezing, horrible framerate dips for literally no reason, audio glitches/cuts/distortion, laggy controls, etc.

cluckey071770d ago

I played it on Vita and I had almost no issue what so ever.

porkChop1770d ago

Consider yourself very lucky then. The game itself is great, but the performance/technical issues completely kill the experience for me.

SnakeCQC1770d ago

I'm still having problems with choices not carrying over between episodes on the steam version. I won't be buying any of their games again.

Lord_Sloth1770d ago

You misspelled "Bethesda" there.

Soldierone1770d ago

You spelled it wrong too, it's spelled "EA"

Lord_Sloth1769d ago

EA is greedy as hell, I can't argue that but how many glitchy games do they actually launch?

Flewid6381770d ago

The TellTale games, and more specifically the Walking Dead, are among the most critically acclaimed games on the market.

They have no incentive to fix this. Wanna vote them into fixing their games? Vote with your wallet.

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