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10 Most Atmospheric Games Of All Time

With the mist-drenched streets of forthcoming saga The Order: 1886 looking as compelling and moody as it gets, it's hard not to contemplate the games that have truly immersed us in their clutches over the years.

From fantastical landscapes to nightmarish ordeals, Mark Butler picks out his 10 most atmospheric games of all time. (Culture, PC, PS2, PS3, Retro, Shadow of the Colossus, Xbox, Xbox 360)

DanJenkoFMV  +   565d ago
Journey certainly sticks in the memory for me as particularly atmospheric.

Certainly agree with Bioshock as well - that opening!
shodan74  +   565d ago
Journey was definitely on the contenders list - along with Condemned and Fallout 3. So many great atmospheric games out there!
JsonHenry  +   565d ago
Condemned would have been on this list for me if I had made it.

The one that sticks out the most for me though is STALKER and it made the list. I remember feeling to so lonely and lost the first time I played through that game. It was creepy and the first game I played open world where I ran and snuck and hid all over the place because I was terrified of what might be around the next corner or over the next ridge.
Why o why  +   565d ago
Agreed.. I'd always thought siren blood curse was atmospheric. Okami too.
ATi_Elite  +   565d ago
Stalker Shadow of the Chernobyl HANDS down still the most atmospheric game EVER.

install the graphics mod and it still holds up very well against games of today even after 7 years.

Best use of muzzle flash and lightning strikes during the night time to show position and reflect the world still today.

I pretty much compare every Open World RPG-FPS to Stalker as it is the BENCHMARK for the genre.

STALKER is truly a GEM as it's the ONLY game that I really felt SCARED to DEATH to venture out at night as the game truly scared and terrified you in the dark hours of the ZONE!
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Palitera  +   565d ago
From this last gen, some that come to my mind: Demon's Souls, Fallout, Condemned, Shadows of the Colossus, Journey, Bioshock 1 and Bioshock Infinite.

Before it, the most atmospheric games I've played were the PS2 Silent Hill ones.

Demon's Souls being the top 1. That isolated land breathes despair and madness. Actually, it is my top game ever and its atmosphere is my favorite aspect about it.
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LAWSON72  +   565d ago
No Demon Souls or Dark Souls lol. No game is more immersive and atmospheric than those two games. If I had to choose one as more atmospheric it would have to be Dark Souls as more atmospheric since it is more open world with impressive transitions from place to place. Demon Souls is still probably better overall but Dark Souls wins in that aspect IMO
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Palitera  +   565d ago
On a side note, it is funny how almost any "atmospheric" game we refer to have dark themes.

I'd like to add Little Big Planet to Journey in the "not soul crushing" atmospheric games. It is very light hearted (LBP, surely) and its universe is filled with its themes. Perfect atmosphere, I say.
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segamon  +   565d ago
Venox2008  +   565d ago
I would say Alan Wake had a good athmosphere especially in a forest at night
SpiralTear  +   565d ago
Horror games need good atmosphere to work well. Alan Wake just hit the nail right on the head. What an awesome game.
breakpad  +   565d ago
generally good choices but i would add Resident evil 1 (the original psx version), Monster Hunter ..although an action rpg has a unique atmosphere and Demon souls
Kennytaur  +   565d ago
Super Mario Galaxy is very atmospheric.
GrandTheftZamboni  +   565d ago
Too much vacuum in the Galaxy. Not enough atmosphere.
Software_Lover  +   565d ago
Condemned................... was a great game at the beginning of this generation.

This gen has a lot of forgotten games from the beginning that many have probably not played or even heard of.
kayoss  +   565d ago
Shadow of the Colossus. I jsut finished playing it again and I swear i kept trying to explore the land and find it secrets.
Why o why  +   564d ago
If you've collected enough lizard tails and fruit you'll be able to climb to the secret garden
Picnic  +   565d ago
I particularly agree with Bioshock and Limbo.

The Unfinished Swan. The fairytale nature of the game and music are very well done.

Then there's Papo and Yo and Rain- all part of the same kind of vibe. But it's got to go to The Unfinished Swan for indie games for me.

And Resident Evil remake on the Gamecube. Part 4 does have its own really crazy atmosphere.
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il-JumperMT  +   565d ago
Project Zero is the first game that came up in my mind, however Morrowind > Skyrim
Lofabred  +   565d ago
Didn't play a lot of games in list, but would agree with Bioshock, Shadow of the Colossus, and Myst.

I would have included Super Metroid, Out of this World, Grim Fandango, Last of Us, Fallout, Half Life 2, and Portal.

Lot of people mentioning Journey... makes me want to get it now
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Why o why  +   565d ago
Definitely journey..... grimfandango ...... nice 1.

Folklore for that weird ass art style and odd creatures. Half life was a good shout. Resistance 3 carried a strange atmosphere on the zombie esk level...

Seems zombies add atmosphere as standard
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TheEnigma313  +   565d ago
I would add Okami and Trine to this list.
bnaked  +   565d ago
Half Life 2 is the most atmospheric game I've ever played... and Super Metroid.
Noxious115  +   565d ago
I would say Eternal Darkness is one of the most atmospheric games I've ever played.
itisallaboutps  +   565d ago
dark souls was good. because each zone gave a different atmosphere. from tomb pf the giants to new londo ruins. it had very different atmospheres and no place felt the same. of course there are better games with better atmospheres. but darksouls is an honorable mention
Tdmd  +   565d ago
Those might be my favorite atmospheric games: The Last of Us, Demons Souls, RE2, Soul Reaver, Shenmue, Bioshock Infinity, Abe's Odyssey, Dead Space, Metal Gear Solid 3, Alice: Madness Returns.
Fullmetalevolust  +   565d ago
I see atmospheric as a place where I'd like to be, beautiful landscapes and eerie areas.
Journey comes to mind, I'd love to get lost and be found by an impromptu friendship while being pegged against the odds of the land. The flying in it was just so eloquently made, it made wish that I was a 10 yr old boy again and I could fly.
The first Tomb Raider was atmospheric, the sights, the sounds, the eerie music.
Uncharted: golden abyss, canoeing on that underground lake.
RE4 and that creepy village...
So many to mention.
RVanner_  +   564d ago
Metal Gear Solid - Shadow Moses Island sucks you in
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Lisica  +   564d ago
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. <3
beatled  +   564d ago
stalker-all of them
far cry 3
the first witcher game
planescape torment
bioshock 1 and infinite
deus ex human revolution
dragon age 1
mass effect 1

there have been so many amazingly well made worlds, hard to list just ten

damn I love video games!
SlapHappyJesus  +   564d ago
Actually a really strong list, but to see it not contain Planescape:Torment is a bit saddening. Even if I am not quite sure which game I would take away in return.

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