EA Sports UFC Finally Gets A New Trailer

iGR: "Over the past few months, we've seen several roster updates from EA Sports UFC, but the actual gameplay footage has been lacking; until today."

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LOGICWINS1531d ago

Masterpiece! Most realistic character models ever in a game!

NYC_Gamer1531d ago

EA are finally learning how to make use of mo cap

ninjagoat1531d ago

Up there with NBA2k14 just goes to show how lazy EA where with NBA live though.

BlakHavoc1530d ago

Looks great, i'd say this and NBA2k are the most realistic, 2k still wows me sometimes with the character models.

4ShotKing1531d ago

Dammit EA, this actually looks good!

n4rc1531d ago

Can't wait.. Hated how THQ handled the license..

This should be pretty awesome

SteamPowered1531d ago

That game looks great! They finally got the Wandy wrist roll to look right. Can't wait to see the fighting in action. Can't judge a fighter by his walk out.

SteamPowered1531d ago

Well then there is mayhem miller and Tom lawlor who had great entrances and piss poor showings. ;)

Clover9041531d ago

Finally EA! Thought the game was going to be delayed because you weren't showing any footage. The fighters look great. Can't wait to see some footage of the stand-up and ground game mechanics :)