Miss Croft’s Definitive Edition Is Ideal For Next-Gen

One Hit Pixel: "Square Enix has made me question all other publishers. Why oh why is no-one other than the Japanese company releasing next-gen versions of the biggest titles from the last 12 months or so? By launching the ‘Definitive Edition’ of Tomb Raider Square have put a critically acclaimed title into the eyes of the public once again and made it a must-have title for those who, for some reason, missed out on Lara’s adventure last year."

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mewhy321770d ago

Playing this on PS4 at the moment. I have to say that 1080p 60fps is where it's at. Ultra smooth gameplay, rull res alpha effects, dept of field, all running at 1080p 60fps is a wonderful thing. I am hooked. Love this game. Love it.

KingOdin891769d ago

I agree, missed out on it on the ps3. Kinda glad becuz the game plays beautifully on the PS4.

No_Limit1769d ago


Actually the game is not at 60fps locked in. It fluctuate between 42fps - 60fps. Still looking good though as I Gamefly it for my PS4 and it is definitely an upgrade over my XB360 version.

Matt6661769d ago

Pfft its not even the proper Tomb raider, the only decent Tomb Raiders where 1-3.

e-p-ayeaH1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

This game is pretty damm good if youre a fan of Crystal Dynamic games like Soul Reaver or the classic Tomb Raider games you should enjoy this game.

The level designs and gameplay are pretty good.

Matt6661769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

and this is why it isn't the proper tomb raider look at the pic

notice the duel pistols with unlimited ammo, notice the shorts and top, notice the backpack which could hold everything, notice the long brown hair, notice how she looks smart and sexy. The game was all about searching for relics and artifacts, the game wasn't always action based there were a ton of puzzles, it was challenging, it was exciting, it was fun to play, I could go on but I think I made my point.

e-p-ayeaH1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Crystal Dynamics came back strong with this game.