Opinion: The Five Games That Would Make The 3DS Perfect

Posted by Tom Regan

Who would have predicted the drastic turnaround of the 3DS? The handheld has quietly gone from a gimmick powered laughing stock to home of one of the best libraries of any system in recent memory. 2013 alone brought in some amazing heavy hitters, and in fact many of my personal game of the year contenders were on 3DS. From Fire Emblem: Awakening to Pokemon X&Y, Luigi’s Mansion 2 to Bravely Default – last year truly was the year of Nintendo’s handheld. While the 3DS has already received entries from amazing series like Kingdom Hearts, Resident Evil, Monster Hunter and Zelda ,we gamers are an ungrateful and insatiable bunch – and here are the titles that would go a long way to (briefly) shutting me up.

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