Nutjitsu and Worms among first Xbox One [email protected] games

Team 17 has confirmed to Eurogamer its plan to self-publish Worms Battlegrounds on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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forcefullpower1594d ago

I really don't understand why Team 17 are being classed as an Indie developer.

jackanderson19851594d ago

Cuz they've started to publish their own games outside a publisher so that makes them independent (indie) from publishers and that's all indies are really

forcefullpower1594d ago

Team 17 have always published their own games that why I am surprised they are being called Indie.

jackanderson19851594d ago

some of their games were published by others... if they publish their own games then they are always indies

forcefullpower1594d ago

indie developers are not just people that don't have publishers. Team 17 has been around since the days of the amiga I would not class them as indie.

LexHazard791594d ago

Your confusing me. Are they independent or not? If your doing everything yourself it means your independent!

XisThatKid1594d ago

independent doesn't mean small or big or wealthy or poor independent is a development that also in turn publishes their product.

iiorestesii1594d ago

They're not. Give them time to adapt to their new buzzword (scratches behind ear). They will learn.

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DanielGearSolid1594d ago

I'm surprised by any indie exclusives on X1

Dread1594d ago

yea its a pitty. now you all have one less reason to hate on MS. But dont worry, I am sure you will come up with new reason really sooon.

DanielGearSolid1594d ago

Calm down...

Thats not an insult...

If Ms can convince indie devs to go exclusive on [email protected], after all the hate they got from indies, that shows its a decent program.

NeoTribe1593d ago

Its not exclusive to x1. Its commin to ps4 also.

redcar1211594d ago

Yes cant wait to get some arcade games

N4GJD1594d ago

Both of these developers created a strong relationship with Microsoft years ago, so it's not surprising they'll have among the first [email protected] games to be released. Sadly, not every indie developer is treated equally and with respect at Microsoft. This is more about PR creating a good image.