Top 10 Gaming Duos

PlayMagazine writes: "There was a time when the escort mission was the gravest offence a developer could inflict upon its prospective players. Some of us have a hard enough time keeping our own health bars filled, let alone that of some helpless tagalong! Yet somehow this dynamic continued to creep its way in, establishing itself as a gaming staple..."

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TheLyonKing1767d ago

I can't help feeling that Sam & Max should have been on this list.

ClydeRadcliffe1767d ago

I can think of a couple of Italian plumbers who'll be feeling pretty hard done by too!

whitefang19881767d ago

I'd of put Gordon freeman and alyx Vance in myself

REDBEARD1767d ago

Where in the hell is Mario and Luigi, DK and Diddy Kong? BOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Austin481767d ago

Jill and chris redfield from Resident Evil 1