South Africa hits No. 10 in International eSports Federation world rankings

El33tonline writes:

"Mind Sports South Africa has today announced that South Africa’s professional gaming outfit has climbed its way into the top ten on the International eSports Federation global rankings for 2013."

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Lelldorianx895d ago

Is "top 10" really relevant in such a small (yet growing) industry? Seems like nothing much matters after first place -- maybe top 3, if you stretch it.

OliverKO895d ago

Fair enough, but the South African team's progress is notable from being unranked in 2010 to becoming a ranked entity in three years.

Also notable is that all of the other countries in the top ten have excellent internet infrastructures allowing teams to practice and play competitively online before attending major events. South Africa's internet infrastructure is severely lacking in comparison.

Maybe the rankings don't mean all that much, but the work that goes into being recognised does.