Hideo Kojima Will Be Interviewed by Sony About PS4 and MGS5 for the "Conversations With Creators"

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia has been publishing quite a few video interviews to prominent developers for its "Conversations with Creators" series, including Tetsuya Nomura, Goichi Suda, Yoshinori Ono and more, and with Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes approaching, it's time to put legendary Director Hideo Kojima in front of the all-seeing eye of the camera.

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ZodTheRipper1770d ago

Every Kojima interview is an interesting read, looking forward to that and a few other studios interviews.

1770d ago
pyramidshead1769d ago

Hope he finally admits he's bringing back the 'Enders Project' and announces ZoE3 for next gen.


SolidGear31769d ago

Snatcher and Policenauts <3

bryam19821769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Japaneses cant.make good games no.more except for this man any game kojima make is a blockbuster I'm still waiting for something made of nomura or ueda to.see if.I'm wrong i do hope I'm wrong cuz i use jap games (square,capcom,konami,atlus,ni ntendo,sony japan studios)

dcj05241769d ago

Have you not play gravity Rush,Tales of Xillia,Sonic Lost World,Mario 3D Land,Dragon's Crown,Soul Sacrifice,GOD EATER 2,Virtues Last Reward:Zero Escape, or Toukiden?

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