Flappy Bird’s Success Is Confusing But Taking It Down Makes Perfect Marketing Sense

An opinion piece via EGMR in which the author explains why Flappy Bird's removal from the mobile marketplace was an instant marketing win.

Quote: "Thing is, even taken down, Flappy Bird will continue to have in-game ads, which means it will continue to earn ad revenue. Meanwhile, the rest of Nguyen’s game offerings are still listed. So what actually has changed now, since it was taken down? Well for one, the man’s Follower count on Twitter has sky-rocketed. So too has the number of downloads on the Android marketplace — hell, even I went ahead and downloaded it just so I have it after it’s gone. Further, the news of it being taken down has led to the very same creation of extreme demand that resulted in the Wii constantly selling out. (Spoiler: It sold out because Nintendo made you think it would.) That is, anyone who hasn’t heard about it is now curious, and those who enjoy it are vehemently supporting it in an attempt to stop it from going away. The net result: Excessive amounts of sudden demand for the product. "

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josephayal1766d ago

well done mr Dong Nguyen

Spurg1766d ago

...a small game like that gain so much money....
First time i saw Flappy Bird was in a vine....are Vines really that influential.
I saw a few devs making vines....its interesting to see 7 sec videos having such an impact.

hankmoody1766d ago

I mean, the guy takes the game down because of all the death threats he's been getting. Then after he pulls it, he gets death threats for taking it down. I'd hate to be that guy right now.

BelkingOfSony1766d ago

The game has not been taken down from the Google Play store. It will not show when you tap 'Top Free', but if you tap on the 'search' button and type 'Flappy Bird' the game is still there