Toukiden: The Age Of Demons Vita Review [TSA]

TheSixthAxis review Toukiden, a monster-hunting Vita-exclusive from the team behind the Warriors franchise.

"...t came as quite a surprise then when Omega Force announced Toukiden, a Vita-exclusive action RPG looking to capitalize on the Monster Hunter-shaped hole left in the handheld’s software catalogue.

To summarise, Toukiden is currently the closest you can get to playing Capcom’s cash cow on the Sony device without trawling the compatible PSP archive. Without a trace of irony, Omega Force have torn away Monster Hunter’s trinkets and baubles, before adorning its bare bones with a few of their own fresh ideas. It’s rather uncanny and although the game has its flaws there’s a good chance Toukiden will garner a following in Monster Hunter’s absence..."

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bicfitness1770d ago

-1 for being on the Vita.
-1 for not being Monster Hunter (must have mentioned it about 10 times in the article.

As far as this "monster hunter shaped hole" in the Vita catalog, I'm not seeing it. Never liked the plodding, chorelike grind of MH and all these other "hunting" genre games - which, an educated reviewer would know are merely PHANTASY STAR ONLINE CLONES - are reinvigorating the genre with new takes and ideas. Take SS with its dark fantasy elements and nothing but large boss take-downs, or Toukiden with an actual, thought out lore for the universe and faster-paced combat. Or Ragnarok Odyssey, again with faster - better - combat and more diversity in skill setups.

So no, MH is not missed, not by this gamer at least. And from the 12 or so hours I clocked into the Toukiden demo, comparisons to it are weak unless you know nothing of these other games or the hunting genre as a whole.

bask_in_glory1770d ago

You would honestly mark down a game just because it's only available on the Vita?

As for the PSO and RO comparisons, they are valid, though neither game is known well enough for general audiences to get an idea of how Toukiden plays.

As for the continual MH references, they are needed. Where other games in the hunting genre have their own, noticeably different approaches, Toukiden directly mimics its main rival.

Whatever way you look at it it's still a good game (since when was a 7 bad?)

kayoss1770d ago

Im really confused. Are you saying Toukiden is good or you're saying its bad?

3-4-51770d ago

Vita is a great system. Don't own one yet, but picking one up once I see what they are doing with the slim.

Sanquine901770d ago

Just.. WTF why is it bad for being a MH Clone? Why is it a MH clone to begin with. MH is based on Phantasy star online... Weapon movements aren't basic.. You haven't followed enough of the trainings i presume. What also is innovative which isn't mentioned in your article that you can cut bodyparts of the Oni's you fight ( MH only the tail). Missions get repetitive... Please this is a hunting game

Sanquine901770d ago

BTW this doesnt mean i dont like your article it was a good read

kayoss1770d ago

I dont understand these articles. They complain about a game they reviewed. Calling it a clone or its the closet thing you will get to said game they are comparing it to. Dont they realize that most games take inspiration from other games but they put their own uniqueness and different touches to the game?
I dont hear people complaining about Tekken is a street fighter clone, or call of duty is a wolfenstein clone.

hulk_bash19871770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

This is just what happened to PlayStation all-stars when it came out. Too may people busy comparing it to smash brothers to enjoy it for what it was.

Concertoine1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Will pick this up with my vita one day

Sanquine901770d ago

and i will be looking forward to go online with you and kill some oni demons~!

Morpheuzpr1770d ago

None of you know what you're talking a bout. MH can't be more different from Phantasy Star online, the only thing the have in common is having the option to play it with 3 other people.

Weapons and armor in PS are loot based. MH has a crafting system, not only for weapons and armor but for items as well. Weapons and armors resemble the monsters they are crafted from. Most of the missions on PS had no boss only when free roaming the areas to the end. PS is more spam a button type gameplay while MH is more strategic and by the way in MH you not only cut the tails, you can brake fangs, horns, claws and there are other visual damage like wings and other body parts as well. Anyway like I said you know not what you're talking about.

As for Toukiden, well the demo was enough for me to know that I'll buy it. Boss hunting is now considered a genre and this game it's in it and it does a couple things new and different, like the Mitama system.

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