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Liberation HD has something in its favor however. Assassin's Creed has evolved into a huge complex. In terms of difficulty has come down to, but now there are weapons stores, shops improvements to the ship, a ship, to sail the seas, hunting, crafting, etc. .. The absence of all this can even make HD Liberation better in some aspects, but only for minimalism. For the first time also, we have a heroine, Aveline, the same who also met at DLC exclusive to PS3 and leading a double life, on the surface of mixed spoiled daughter of a wealthy French merchant in 1760 New Orleans, but in the shadows a Murderer, fighting against slavery and Templars. If you did not like Assassin's Creed III then there is also a lot here to like. The scenario is similar, as is the historical period that is much more interesting for the American people.

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