eBay Flappy Bird loaded iPhone 5S reaches $99,900 bid mark…and continues to grow

Vyralize: Now that Flappy Bird has been officially removed from both the Google Play and iTunes stores, an eBay user has put up a used AT&T iPhone 5S for sale with Flappy Birds pre-installed on it. Since then, the phone’s bid price has skyrocketed to $99,990.00 with 6 days and 10 hours of bidding time left.

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DeathOfTheFanBoy1765d ago

I put my phone on ebay and ebay removed it because it wasn't reset to factory default,

UltimateMaster1765d ago

Come on people, don't really go off and buy that phone.

1nsomniac1765d ago

Yea, doesn't mean anyone is actually going to pay that.

assdan1765d ago

Have you ever tried to cancel a transaction on eBay? It's not easy. When you offer a price, click buy it now, or bi on an item, you're entering a legally bindung contract. You're breaking the law if you don't pay. The only way a transaction can be dissolved is if the seller decides to cancel.

Tiqila1765d ago

everyone can make a fake account and start a fake bid.

MurDocINC1765d ago

Not the first time, trolls have bumped bids and not payed. These articles are a joke.

RiPPn1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

@assdan: have you sold on ebay? If you do an auction style listing for a high profile item, you can expect a great possibility a non paying low feedback ahole will win. Then your item is tied up for a week in red tape.

eBay is a rip off anyway and I'm surprised people still use them to sell, when they do things like charge you over 10% just for the sale of the item, then they don't take that fee right away so they can send all the funds to ebay owned paypal and get a percentage of that, then take the funds for the sale at a later date. Add in shipping and you could be down 15-20% when all is said and done, highway robbery! Wish a serious competitor would rise up and stomp these thieves. /rant

Saryk1764d ago

@RiPPn When you sell a item you can make the person bidding be above a certain rep rate. meaning you can make it where someone with a new account couldn't bid.

But I agree with the Ebay's greed!

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AtomicGerbil1765d ago

Can somebody please stop the planet, I want to get off.

DoesUs1765d ago

Terrific. No one will conclude the sale though 8)

Activemessiah1765d ago

This is the internet... the game is available if one looked in the right places... digital copies = unlimited supply.

Ace Killa 081765d ago

It is iphone. Not that simple unless you go the jailbreak route. As with Android an APK will be needed.

Activemessiah1764d ago

Then Jailbreak it is... It's not piracy if no one has anything to gain anymore.

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The story is too old to be commented.