Chrono Confusion: Why Have Sony and Square Failed to Produce a Worthy Sequel to the Popular Series?

Considering the enormous success of Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross, why have Square and Sony elected to keep the franchise silent?

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Snookies121624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Because the team that did the Chrono games isn't together anymore? Also, the same reason Square has been reluctant to remake FF VII... The fact that they're scared of messing it up, so they don't even bother trying. Imagine the amount of hate they would get if they screwed something like a Chrono game up, or an FFVII remake.

KonsoruMasuta1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

I doubt Square Enix is afraid of messing up a FF VII remake. All they would have to do is get the right team to do it. Just give it to the devs that worked on Crisis Core.

travis405081624d ago

Yeah, if you don't make a sequel for a highly anticipated game, I'm not entirely sure what you make a sequel for.

Fishermenofwar1623d ago


Loved me some Crisis!!!

Would be a perfect combination

3-4-51623d ago

Chrono was a team consisting of mixed Square & Enix dev's that formed together to make this game.

After that they continued on with their lives.

Shows what true talent and good leadership can accomplish though when everyone is on the same page.

XSpike1624d ago

Cause they hate giving fans what they want, they'd make to much money! Its the only explanation.

KonsoruMasuta1624d ago

I haven't heard that many people asking for a continuation of the Chrono games. These games are like forgotten gems.

zeroskie1623d ago

But why do they keep re-releasing Chrono Trigger then? I think they're aware of the games' popularity.

majiebeast1624d ago

Because Square Enix is incompetent.

They dont like money why else would they not put BBS and Crisis core on the Vita store.

Fishermenofwar1623d ago

Unfortunately you are 100% correct...

ifrit_caress1624d ago

I never liked Chrono Cross, I would like to try out Chrono Trigger eventually.

Blank1623d ago

Umm just play chrono trigger for the DS dont worry I wasnt one of the people that pushed disagree just play it! Even if its not the DS version I wont say OTHER methods but just get a legit copy you will treasure that cartridge or disk.

LordMaim1623d ago

Hey, I'm right there with you. I couldn't even tell you what the plot of Cross was, but I can recall the entire plot of Chrono Trigger beat by beat. It was a much better game. The sequel was disappointing.

ifrit_caress1623d ago

@Lord Maim: I played Chrono Cross, and about 15 hours into the game, I got bored and never played it again. If there comes an HD remake of the game, then I might give it another try. But Chrono Cross was not worth my time.

Agent_hitman1624d ago

I just really hope the SE would remake Chrono Cross. But of course I doubt it would happen since SE don't listen to their fanbase

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