Things Happened After Flappy Bird Removal

Although Flappy Bird has been closed, all of the storms that it has caused are not over. Apparently, Facing such a big profit space, each game maker can't miss.

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Software_Lover1767d ago

What is the deal with this game? I had never even heard of it until it was pulled. Maybe because I don't do a lot of mobile gaming but with all the articles you would think Microsoft cancelled the Halo franchise.

Shadow Flare1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

It's not the best game in the world by any stretch of the imagination, but it does tick all the right boxes that make for an addictive game.

It's widely regarded as a crap game, and to be fair I feel sorry for other developers that have made better games which don't sell.

But Flappy Bird is well made to the extent that its:

- super simple
- super quick to start playing
- simple controls
- difficult enough that it's challenging but not so difficult it's impossible
- easy to retry instantly
- easy to persuade yourself to try again

It's a crap game but it's addictive

Since its been taken down, I'm currently trying to make a perfect remake of it in lbp2, and if anything else, it's a fantastic little educational project on how to make a game. It's very interesting remaking it as there are a lot of things to consider, remaking the look, perfecting the birds physics exactly, programming the score system etc. For anyone interested in game development it's a lovely little project to learn from

Software_Lover1767d ago

let me know when you finish your lbp level. I might give it a go.

Shadow Flare1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

Sure I'll drop you a pm or something, I expect it to be done by 2 weeks or so

lonelyplayer1767d ago

Trust me you are not missing anything. It just shows how bad mobile gaming really is.

Abdou0231767d ago

Actually Mobile gaming is more successful that PC-Consoles Market. Hence number of users.

Simco8761767d ago

Lol, haters man. It's a simple game that can be picked up fast and replayed fast. That's the formula for a successful mobile game, on the go.

Don't be jealous

Joelwow1767d ago

Newest from the article, Nguyen was threatened by fans. Is the game really so good??? Or they are too lonely?

drizzom1767d ago

Doesn't this game rip off sprite work from Super Mario?

Joelwow1766d ago

Its developer confirmed it was inspired from Mario