'The Elder Scrolls Online' Should Choose Between $60 Up Front Or $15 A Month

Yesterday, the press embargo was finally broken for The Elder Scrolls Online, and their reactions largely seemed to match those of players ignoring the NDA of the closed beta weeks earlier.

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Eonjay1768d ago

Problem with TESO is that if you dont like it and stop your subscription, you have still paid full price for a game you can't play. This is no good. If the $60 covered you for offline play that would be better because at least you could still play it if you weren't sold on the subscription.

thekhurg1768d ago

It's a MMO. The O part stands for ONLINE. If you don't like the game, you don't play it, same as any game in the world.

cleft51768d ago

If ESO has a monthly fee than it is dead. The game isn't bad, but it is so incredibly generic, outside of voice acting, that it leaves you wondering why you would ever pay a monthly fee for it. Now if they where to go with a $60 fee like Guild Wars 2 did and than sell stuff with microtransactions the game become much more viable. As it stands now, most people are better off waiting until it's a F2P game.

Volkama1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )


Not being a f2p game is one of the best things about it. I'll subscribe and keep playing so long as I feel the content delivery is worth the price and I enjoy the game.

If/when it goes free to play (or introduces XP consumables and horse armour even with the subscription) I will stop playing.

That may well happen, the game may even be more successful in fan reaction and revenue when it does. But it will be dead to me.

kazuma9991768d ago

How long have world of warcraft survived with this module? lol

Rachel_Alucard1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

The game has every possible way an MMO can charge you. Starting with the 60$ payment, the 15$ sub, plus a cash shop. It's even worse if you were buying this on Xbone because you have to pay for gold on top of this. Pure cash-in on the franchise.

I played it and it was so generic and the combat was floaty and it was just a miserable waste of so much money Zenimax blew on it. The team that made Skyrim/Oblivion/Fallout 3 has nothing to do with this game, and Todd Howard himself said nothing in this game is canon and even he knows its trash.

This game will sell only because of the popularity of Skyrim, literally everyone will drop it after the free month and move on. If this game does well however, the rest of the market gets affected and shows that a poorly done cash-in on a famous IP makes millions. Suddenly, the canceled Halo MMO comes back from the dead.

ZodTheRipper1768d ago

I would buy it without the monthly subscription.

Spenok1768d ago

Exactly. All MMO's that are Pay to Play are this way. Always have been. You pay to buy the software, and pay every month after the first free one and go from there. If you dislike the game, then cancel your subscription and move on.

30 days is more than enough to decide if you like the game or not. Though MMOs ALWAYS evolve over time, and generally get massively better then at launch. It's usually a decent idea to consider waiting a few months to let the get kinks out and add content etc.

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wannabe gamer1768d ago

offline ?? huh its an MMO lol they dont have offline play. it comes with one month of play time also

redwin1768d ago

I think he is thinking on a return on that $60 if you cancelled your subscription, I happen to agree. But if it was a free download and it's $60 a year and no microtransactons then it will be awesome and ill definitely get it. But it's that initial $60 that's the problem. What if you don't like the game in one or two months ? You are out of $60 and never again buy another Elderscroll game.

ovnipc1768d ago

I played the beta and its good. I dont want it to be f2p full of microtransactions. They should make it $60 once or $15 a month I agree.

SneeringImperialist1768d ago

It's hardly 'good' it is probably one of the worst and most generic mmo's I have ever played, and I've played DCUO!

frostypants1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Should be $20 for a copy of the game, and $10/month online...with no console paid service required. Even then, that would only solve the cost issues of this game. The game itself looks like every other crappy MMORPG, rather than an Elder Scrolls experience.

As things stand now, this game is laughably DOA. Someone is going to go bankrupt over this...count on that. Hopefully things are structured so that Zenimax takes the full financial hit, rather than Bethesda.

epoxe1768d ago

"Problem with TESO is that if you dont like it and stop your subscription, you have still paid full price for a game you can't play"

How is this different than any other game?!

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_LarZen_1768d ago

If people continue to expect stuff for free aka F2P. The industry is going to be in more trouble then it already is.

Fizzgig1768d ago

GW2 is practically free to play and I've spent loads of money buying stuff in game. Planetside 2 is free to play and I've spent loads of money on that too. In this day and age, it has to be something special to warrant a full purchase price AND a monthly subscription fee.

_LarZen_1768d ago

I agree. That's why you get a premium mmorpg experience with ESO.

That's why you pay. That said it's of course to early to say if it will be worth it. Wont know that before it has been out a while.

Fizzgig1768d ago

I played beta this weekend, and there's nothing premium about it. Very average IMHO.

mydyingparadiselost1768d ago

I gave you a disagree on accident, please accept my apologies :)

Jdoki1768d ago


Everything I have heard about the game points to it being very poor.

"Floaty" combat
Average graphics

Normally I wouldn't comment on something I have not played myself, but there's too much info out there (despite the NDA) to ignore.

Even if ESO turns out to be the best MMO ever, I still wouldn't pay full price for it PLUS subscription PLUS microntransactions

frostypants1768d ago

Do you know the term "false dichotomy"? It is possible for them to price the game more reasonably without making it F2P. $60 + $15/month + microtransactions + console paywall (for the One at least) is unprecedented.

Summons751768d ago

Why is it that ESO is such a big deal about paying for a game than a subscription which goes to make sure the online is stable when FF14ARR makes you pay the games price plus a sub and Warcraft makes you pay for the game plus the expansions AND a sub.....but it's perfectly okay for them?

You're acting ridiculous, 15 bucks goes to helping the game making sure new content is being made, making sure servers are stable and up to date...

No one is holding a gun to your head. You wanna be cheap go play those awful F2P/P2W games.

qu1ckset1768d ago

I'm 12days into my 30sub you get free when you buy FF14ARR and I've yet to be convinced this is with the monthly sub , graphics and game are fun but not with that sub to me yet... Same thing with SWTOR I was a day one player and the endgame content , and much needed features were lacking so I left swtor.

I will grab ESO when it price drops I'm in no rush... Mainly waiting for a English released PSO2

KonsoruMasuta1768d ago

WoW and FF:ARR both have a lower initial cost. Elders Scrolls is $60 upfront and WoW and FF:ARR are both $30.

Jdoki1768d ago


Because most new MMO's don't try charging full RRP for a subscription MMO (like FFXIV which is cheap, even on PS4)

Expansions are optional. And besides that, what guarantee do we have that ESO will never charge for expansions in future

Awful F2P games? You mean like Knights of the Old Republic? Or Planetside 2, or DC Universe Online? Or even Neverwinter? Or those games where you pay a small upfront cost for the game then subscribe, like FFXIV? Or those games like Guild Wars 2 which costs full price up front then is F2P and not P2W?

The big deal about ESO is that it is full price plus subscription plus shoehorns in micro transactions too. It wants it all, and at the moment hasn't shown anything that makes it look like it's worth it.

Stick891768d ago

While I've always thought $60 was a bit steap for the box price of an MMO, they almost always include at least a month free inside so it helps dent it a little. They make a lot of their initial game investment back off the box sales so I can't really fault them for doing it. Subscriptions aren't meant to make up the investment, they are meant to keep the servers running and pay for updates to the game.

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