PS4: Friend List Bugged For Many Owners, Display Incorrect Information, WideSpread Issue

A strange glitch has hit Playstation 4 causing malfunctioning of Friend List.

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Mikey322301773d ago

They needs to bring friends list notifications back.

Why is that not a notification feature?

Crazyglues1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Yeah I would love if they could bring this back, and for those not sure what that is...

When you are signed in to your PSN account on PS4 - when people on your friends list sign-in there is no notification like there is on PS3 that your friend has just signed on..

Not a big deal, but a really helpful feature if you like playing with your friends - or people on your friends list..

Hope they can fix that in the next patch..

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alexkoepp1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Same problem exists on the x1, bring it back... Though it sure is nice to be watching television and have it tell me my buddy wants to game! I'd have never known that if I was back in the dark ages where input switching was still needed

jocomat91772d ago

i have notifications off on ps3. I just wish ps3 people could see ps4 people online.

SnakeShady1773d ago

Because in a few years, when you will have about 2000 friends, a notification popping on your screen every 2 seconds will be very annoying.

CaEsAr-1773d ago

An option would be nice?

GhostTurtle1773d ago

Speak for yourself. Bring the damn feature back already! At least give me some sort of option to cut it on and off as I please (or choose the friends I want to display when they come on/off).

Crazyglues1773d ago

@ SnakeShady

yeah CaEsAr- I agree an option would be nice, for all the people who don't have no were near that number of friends..

I have about 40 and only about 10 are ever signed on at the same time..

Septic1772d ago

How about an option to pick your 'close friends'. That would solve the problem. Unless of course, you have 200 close friends. Well then, either you're Nicolas Cage or don't understand the concept of close friends.

slazer1011772d ago

The option needs to be there to see your friends logging on or off. I personally like the feature. If you don't want to see notifications just have the option to turn it off like the PS3 has.

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Majin-vegeta1773d ago

It;s been happening to me but no big deal since it;s not really a game breaker.

Automatic791773d ago

I am sure they will send a patch to fix.

Mikelarry1773d ago

Issue started just after the latest update. Also weird is cod ghost in game friendlist is also broken same symptoms as the psn

jackanderson19851773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

i've no friends on the Playstation account :'( oh so lonely ha

sucks for those it affects although at least it's not that bad a bug to have

Funky Town_TX1772d ago

Yes it is. The whole point of paying to play online is to have a community. The PS4 online is not much better that the PS3 other than the chat feature, and the PS3 is free to play online. Sony needs to get this sh8t fixed ASAP.

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The story is too old to be commented.