Top 10 Modern RPG Video Game Franchises

While gamers have moaned about how JRPGs are a thing of the past, these 10 franchises have bloomed like a sunflower.

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3-4-51688d ago

That is a really good list actually.

Some could argue for a top 20, but this is pretty solid.

JonnyBigBoss1688d ago

Agreed. RPGs aren't doing so bad. Although, I'd like to see more classically inspired RPGs.

JonnyBigBoss1688d ago

Bravely Default is doing it for me right now!

knifefight1688d ago

Early candidate for 3DS Game of the Year right there.

dbjj120881688d ago

Fire Emblem is definitely my favorite from last year.

MatrixxGT1688d ago

Bravo. Nice read for a change.