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The R/L Button: Why Pulling Flappy Bird was a Bad Idea

From Put That Back: Lance Eustache explains why removing Flappy Bird during its peak was a huge mistake. (Android, Casual games, Flappy Bird, iPhone, Mobile)

Timesplitter14  +   474d ago
I think Dong Nguyen doesn't want to gain infamy or a bad reputation from this game so he pulled the plug while it was still in its early days, as a way of saying "yeah I know it's a bad game, I didn't predict it would become popular like that". He might also want to avoid lawsuits from nintendo and whoever made that Piou Piuo game that's so similar

If he wants to work in the videogame industry, maybe this was a good move? I dunno.
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BelkingOfSony  +   474d ago
The game has not been taken down from the Google Play store. It will not show when you tap 'Top Free', but if you tap on the 'search' button and type 'Flappy Bird' the game is still there
SilentNegotiator  +   474d ago

What gives you the right to determine if someone's socially motivated decision was a bad idea or not? He already made probably a million and he has voiced that now he just wants to go back to a more quiet life.
Tiqila  +   474d ago
yeah right and as he explicitly stated in his tweet this has absolutely nothing to do with legal issues.

He just cant bear the mean internet guys who are bullying him via twitter... why does he not give his money to charity then if he just wants his simple quiet life back? Many people think he has not deserved that much money for a game that is a total ripoff. He thinks he can sneak out of it by pulling it down... pathetic.
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SilentNegotiator  +   474d ago
First of all, you can be rich but have a simple life. In fact, seeing as he is so young, he can just stretch that money out really far with a simple life.

Second, he had no way of knowing his game would be a runaway hit. He neither expected nor wanted the exact outcome, which led to him being harassed online AND in person.
Tiqila  +   474d ago
how do you know his decision to pull the game down was socially motivated? Because Nguyen said so? When thinking about how this game got all its popularity the whole thing could simply be a publicity stunt. I dont say I believe that. Just saying you dont know the true motivation behind pulling that game down. You also cant know if he had wanted and expected that outcome or not.
SilentNegotiator  +   473d ago
Oh yeah, because he's making so much more money by taking the game down. Making the game unavailable was a great tactic.

Tiqila  +   473d ago
as stated above, the true reason for the pull down of the game is unknown, its your choice if you want to believe it was social pressure or an emergency break to prevent legal issues.

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