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My Top 50 Best RPGs Of All Time

Video Game Addicts writes: "So if you've been googling Top RPG lists for a few years now, you might have stumbled across iterations of my list. What started as a Top 22 list evolved into a top 40, and now we have... The Top 50 RPGs of all Time list!" (3DS, PC, PS Vita, PS2, PS3, Retro, Xbox 360)

shadow18spirit  +   388d ago
The legend of dragoon isnt even in there , it deserves to be in the top 10
Magicite  +   388d ago
He put FFX in 47th place and FFIX in 41st...
TheLyonKing  +   388d ago
its a matter of opinion especially with FF games.

I love 9 its a very special rpg and 8 is regarded even higher on my list, that doesnt mean yours is wrong either.

The idea of an rpg is that we all experience it differently unlike say a shooter where everyone has more or less the same experience.
I_am_Batman  +   388d ago
Are you implying that FFX should be higher on that list than FFIX. Or are you trying to say that both of them are too low?
EL Lanf  +   388d ago
I prefer IX to X. He probably just prefered the fantasy setting of IX, I certainly did. It was also pretty quirky and humourous.
Magicite  +   388d ago
Both are remarkable games and should be on top, but yeah, its just an opinion.
RexFury  +   388d ago
While The legend of Dragoon would be in my top 50, this list is the author's personal opinion.
Darth Gamer  +   388d ago
I actually thought it was a decent list but found the lack of The Legend of Dragoon to be disheartening. That is actually my favorite RPG and FF Tactics being #2.
3-4-5  +   388d ago
That means he most likely didn't play it.

This isn't top 50 of all time, it's HIS top 50.

I think it means the ones he has played. I think.
3-4-5  +   388d ago
Also...watch out for SPOILERS! in the descriptions.

He/she has already ruined about 3-4 RPGs for me on this list by spoiling the endings and stories.
SegaGamer  +   388d ago
It shouldn't be in there because it's not one of this guy's favourite RPG's.
joel_c17  +   388d ago
Horrible list. They had Star Wars the old republic (mmo) over final fantasy x? The old republic doesn't belong anywhere near the top 50 RPGs of all time.
RexFury  +   388d ago
Why is it a horrible list? Because the author has a different taste to you? It is an opinion piece.
Aloren  +   388d ago
And why is that ? it may not the best MMO, but it's still a great RPG. Far better than many of the games on that list imo. Did you play it?

Anyway, this is just his personal top 50 RPGS of all time list, not "THE" top 50 rpgs of all time list. He gets to rank the game the way he likes. I know mine would be less console centric (way too many jrpgs on that list for my taste)
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KingKelloggTheWH  +   388d ago
Don't agree with some of the placement.But overall it is a well done list.

Just because you don't agree doesnt mean it's a bad list, he gave his reasons for each one and for the most part they are legitimate. Top xx list are subjective, no matter what not everyone will agree.

I'd have loved to see FF8 up in the top, that game is truly spectacular.
knifefight  +   388d ago
That's how I feel too.

I don't get a lot of the comments like "Bad list! It has (game) over (game I like)!" and stuff. It's his list.

If any single one of us posts our lists, there will be a million people ready to tear us a new hole with how "messed up" it is, heheh. That's just life. Better to just read and enjoy someone else's perspective ^_^
KingKelloggTheWH  +   388d ago
People are rather immature honestly. They can't accept that other people are different then they are and like different things.

Bubble+1 for you for being so level headed.
Oh_Yeah  +   388d ago
My favorite genre by far, if Skyrim, oblivion , fallout 3, fallout new Vegas, ni no kuni, Gba Pokemon games, legacy of goku/buus furry, dark/demon souls, ff 7-10, borderlands, all arnt on this list then it is a fail IMO.
Nerdmaster  +   388d ago
Saw FFX in 47th place and closed the page.
moegooner88  +   388d ago
Same here
ALICE666  +   388d ago
DualWielding  +   388d ago
my favorite, Suikoden II isn't on the list.. Other than that Persona 3 Portable needs to be in the list (I say portable because the addition of female protagonist and controlling your own party members makes a big difference from Vanilla P3),I'll also include Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep which I think is the best in that series story wise. Finally either pokemon Heart/Gold Soul Silver or Crystal should have made the list
ALICE666  +   388d ago
Yea Suikoden 2 is way better than S1.
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Rob7274  +   388d ago
Yeah there's a lot missing like Ni No Kuni, Suikoden V etc....
But if you miss Suikoden II your list fails automatically lol.

(I know it's just a matter of opinion but he must not have played Sukoden II)
Agent_hitman  +   388d ago
Final Fantasy 8... nostalgia
Jihaad_cpt  +   388d ago
Such heavy nostalgia, One odd my favorite games of all times.
mydyingparadiselost  +   388d ago
Although i see some things missing here and don't really agree with the order I'm 100% down with the number one pick. Most epic RPG EVER.
ALICE666  +   388d ago
Yeah if i had to pick my #1 is would be chrono trigger or FF6.. it would be a hard choice though. :P
mydyingparadiselost  +   388d ago
That is a hard choice! I guess that's the price you pay for having such good taste :D
ALICE666  +   388d ago
Great list that has a wide range of RPG's from different era's. I was totally expecting it to be one-sided with only modern stuff before I clicked in. :)

In saying that though.. it does make me sad that there was no "Secret of Mana" from the super nintendo. Definately should of deserved a spot within any "top 50".

*edit* I just read his reasons why it didn't make it in the comments. Guess he didnt enjoy the story and combat system. Fair enough. I do agree with that it does doubles the fun playing it with a friend which I did back then so maybe thats why I liked it abit more..

Also interesting that there are no Zelda titles as well...
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EL Lanf  +   388d ago
To be honest, I don't think many consider Zelda to be an RPG in a pure sense, you get items and more health but it's more of an action-adventure sort of game.
EL Lanf  +   388d ago
I really did love Suikoden I & II, I felt the character stories were really good and you really can't help but feel sorry for the main character in I. It's really great how they can mix comedy and tragedy so much, not to mention getting all those characters to recruit is greater for people who like sidequesting and collecting like me. Hell, in Suikoden II, there 5 random squirrel things to recruit just for laughs.

Yeah, it's a nice list that gives a pretty wide shout-out to both western and Jrpg and different sub-genres and had an adequately long justification too.

I'm surprised chrono cross ranked high, I loved it but it seemingly got nothing but hate for not being an absolute direct sequel to CT. Why can't people accept that and just then judge it as a standalone game?
Rob7274  +   388d ago
Have you not tried SuikodenV?
It's really good but after suikoden IV been a disappointment (I didn't mind it), most people didn't bother to play it.
And that was the end of the Suikoden series :(.
Hope it comes back one day....I would even mind it back to Suikoden II graphics but in HD
EL Lanf  +   388d ago
I never tried IV (Although I never heard much good about it) and V. I was meaning to, but it being PS2 exclusive is problematic for me. I really wish Suikoden would come back too, Tierkreis on the DS was really meh and kid orientated IMO, it'd be wonderful to see the series return although I fear I'll probably end up without the platform it'll be on.

I felt Suikoden III would have been better if it had given you a bit more freedom, it felt too linear for me and the 3 main character system was interesting but it meant there was no core group to get attached to.

Yeah, I'd also love to see HD re-releases of I&II, I was great but pretty ugly on the eyes at times, especially during battle.
Inception  +   388d ago
I knew this is his personal list and i agreed with some of his choice. But no love for Front Mission, Vagrant Story, Valkyrie Profile, Valkyrie Chronicles, YS series, Tales of Destiny / Graces, Demon / Dark Souls, Ni no Kuni, Legend of Dragoon, or Parasite Eve?
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aLiEnViSiToR  +   388d ago
lol no Front Mission 3 O_o that game is awesome :D
KingofGambling  +   388d ago
Suikoden II.
A LIVING LEGEND  +   388d ago
An obviously required 'top 50' top 50 lists is incoming to appease those struggling to understand the idea behind an individuals top 50 list....
crucify him

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