My Top 50 Best RPGs Of All Time

Video Game Addicts writes: "So if you've been googling Top RPG lists for a few years now, you might have stumbled across iterations of my list. What started as a Top 22 list evolved into a top 40, and now we have... The Top 50 RPGs of all Time list!"

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shadow18spirit1765d ago

The legend of dragoon isnt even in there , it deserves to be in the top 10

Magicite1765d ago

He put FFX in 47th place and FFIX in 41st...

TheLyonKing1765d ago

its a matter of opinion especially with FF games.

I love 9 its a very special rpg and 8 is regarded even higher on my list, that doesnt mean yours is wrong either.

The idea of an rpg is that we all experience it differently unlike say a shooter where everyone has more or less the same experience.

I_am_Batman1765d ago

Are you implying that FFX should be higher on that list than FFIX. Or are you trying to say that both of them are too low?

EL Lanf1765d ago

I prefer IX to X. He probably just prefered the fantasy setting of IX, I certainly did. It was also pretty quirky and humourous.

Magicite1765d ago

Both are remarkable games and should be on top, but yeah, its just an opinion.

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RexFury1765d ago

While The legend of Dragoon would be in my top 50, this list is the author's personal opinion.

Darth Gamer1765d ago

I actually thought it was a decent list but found the lack of The Legend of Dragoon to be disheartening. That is actually my favorite RPG and FF Tactics being #2.

3-4-51765d ago

That means he most likely didn't play it.

This isn't top 50 of all time, it's HIS top 50.

I think it means the ones he has played. I think.

3-4-51765d ago out for SPOILERS! in the descriptions.

He/she has already ruined about 3-4 RPGs for me on this list by spoiling the endings and stories.

SegaGamer1765d ago

It shouldn't be in there because it's not one of this guy's favourite RPG's.

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joel_c171765d ago

Horrible list. They had Star Wars the old republic (mmo) over final fantasy x? The old republic doesn't belong anywhere near the top 50 RPGs of all time.

RexFury1765d ago

Why is it a horrible list? Because the author has a different taste to you? It is an opinion piece.

Aloren1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

And why is that ? it may not the best MMO, but it's still a great RPG. Far better than many of the games on that list imo. Did you play it?

Anyway, this is just his personal top 50 RPGS of all time list, not "THE" top 50 rpgs of all time list. He gets to rank the game the way he likes. I know mine would be less console centric (way too many jrpgs on that list for my taste)

KingKelloggTheWH1765d ago

Don't agree with some of the placement.But overall it is a well done list.

Just because you don't agree doesnt mean it's a bad list, he gave his reasons for each one and for the most part they are legitimate. Top xx list are subjective, no matter what not everyone will agree.

I'd have loved to see FF8 up in the top, that game is truly spectacular.

knifefight1765d ago

That's how I feel too.

I don't get a lot of the comments like "Bad list! It has (game) over (game I like)!" and stuff. It's his list.

If any single one of us posts our lists, there will be a million people ready to tear us a new hole with how "messed up" it is, heheh. That's just life. Better to just read and enjoy someone else's perspective ^_^

KingKelloggTheWH1765d ago

People are rather immature honestly. They can't accept that other people are different then they are and like different things.

Bubble+1 for you for being so level headed.

Oh_Yeah1765d ago

My favorite genre by far, if Skyrim, oblivion , fallout 3, fallout new Vegas, ni no kuni, Gba Pokemon games, legacy of goku/buus furry, dark/demon souls, ff 7-10, borderlands, all arnt on this list then it is a fail IMO.

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