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The Witcher 3: Sexy and Demanding

The Witcher 3 is a sexy game, but that sexiness comes at a price. (PC, PS4, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Xbox One)

Angels3785  +   290d ago
My PC......is not ready :(
LAWSON72  +   290d ago
My GTX 760 is not (though I doubt it will not be able to handle it at 1080p with most high settings just I really want to have 1440p by this games release) that is why I am saving for a GTX 780 or ti, but hopefully instead the R9 290 drops back $400 eventually.

I think everything else is good except my HDD which is almost out of space. Everybody has plenty of time to prepare though because it probably wont be out until after at least august. (or is there an official date?)
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wtopez  +   290d ago
The 760 is plenty for 1080p, just no Ubersampling. Why not got for an SLI setup? A 2nd 760 can be bought for $230 and the performance increase would put you well over a Titan.
LAWSON72  +   290d ago
I was considering SLI but 2GBs is not enough for 1440p.
mewhy32  +   290d ago
My PC is ready for this game. However, I'll be playing it in 1080p 60fps on the mighty PS4. It will be glorious, smooth, beautiful, and the superior console release.
Satanas  +   290d ago
@LAWSON - SLI 2GB 760s would be fine for 1440p depending on the game and settings. It may not be for Witcher 3, but it remains to be seen. I'm running SLI 2GB 670s and they have yet to give VRAM issues with anything, just bear in mind you cannot use both 1440p together with exotic forms of AA with 2GB VRAM (not that you really need to if you're running 1440p).
ZoyosJD  +   290d ago
Tis game is gonna plough PCs like four hor's floatin da river.

May the Overclockers be with you.
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   290d ago
Mine is non-existent. So I guess I'll be building a rig for this.
Ofthingsmanmade  +   290d ago
Nor is mine unfortunately. :(
combatcash  +   290d ago
My gtx 670 should be able to handle this game... I hope.
LAWSON72  +   290d ago
If a PS4 (HD 7850/7870)and Xbone (HD 7790) can handle Witcher 3 you sure can. A GTX 670 poops all over those 2 GPUs and is most of the time even a little better than the HD 7950. That is not even including the your CPU which is most likely way better than what the consoles offer.
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combatcash  +   290d ago
My cpu is decent its a AMD Phenom II X4 970 BE so I need to upgrade but I'm waiting on a few more (next gen) games to compare benchmarks before I make my decision.
TheMadHatter  +   290d ago
Yes but consoles have much better optimisation because of fixed hardware. Especially for a demanding game like this. I have a better system than both of them but Tomb Raider and AC4 performed better on the consoles (PS4 and X1) than my PC.

You can't go comparing the PC equivalent of consoles because it just doesn't work like that.
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Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   290d ago
It'll look better on pc, but it'll also require better parts to match the performance. And if Witcher 2 has taught the pc gaming crowd anything it's that your rig can never be too good if you want ubersampling on.
Satanas  +   290d ago
@BATTOUSAI - Ubersampling is supersampling. If you're running at 1080p or 1440p, you can expect supersampling to be a severe performance cutter. It is highly unnecessary when gaming at resolutions above 1080p.
Mr Tretton  +   290d ago
I have an EVGA 670 FTW. If that can max out this game then I will be very happy.
Jovanian  +   290d ago
The first game with true next gen visuals
Metallox  +   290d ago
Hope it's good. If it improves things from The Witcher 2, then it will be great for me.
SageShinigami  +   290d ago
I can't say that graphics don't play a part in video games anymore. Some of these games coming out that are 8-bit/16-bit? I can't play them anymore. It's 2014. Don't get me wrong, if other people enjoy them then that alone is enough to keep making them, but for me? I'm all good.

I need a game that can use both graphics and art direction to build a world I actually WANT to play in, otherwise I lose interest.
Truehellfire  +   290d ago
I have a factory OC'd GTX 780 so I should be able to run it well at 1080p. How well is yet to be determined though. Seeing as this game uses Physx also, it might give my card a run for its money.
Eldyraen  +   290d ago
That's pretty much my worry as Physx can be demanding at times depending on what they do with it.

I'm curious how the packs of wolves will play out and if they scales down fur or optimized it enough. I'm sure other creatures will use similar tech but those are the ones we know of for sure.
Volkama  +   290d ago
Arg PhysX is the bane of my beautiful crossfire rig :(

I can power over the top of high PhysX settings on Borderlands 2, but I don't know if that will even be an option on Witcher 3 let alone be practical in terms of performance.
KillerPwned  +   290d ago
Thank god I got a PS4 for this one. Even though my PC maxed out Witcher 2.
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   290d ago
If you can max out Witcher 2 on your pc, you should probably get Witcher 3 on pc. It almost definitely will run and look better judging by what you claimed.
TH3BR3W  +   290d ago
*sits back with his gtx 770 oc* Bring it on! Smoking every game well past 60 fps on ultra. My machine is up for the challenge.

If this game can torture it enough with uber sampling then I might consider turning it off but I'm willing to bet I can keep a stable 40 fps with ubersampling on with W3. Time will tell.
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   290d ago
pfft 40fps only? man, you better SLI that 770.
TH3BR3W  +   290d ago
That's for when its in the unplayable range of fps. 40 fps is actually very playable. While its not the most fluid amount as 60+ its still better than most of the games locked at 30 on last gen and current consoles. Not to mention it will be on ultra and have textures that are worlds ahead of the console version of the game. Yes I paid more for the best experience but in the long run it's just as much as I spent on my ps3 during the last gen with 3 replacement consoles that I had to buy. First replacement was free but I don't count that one obviously.

I do plan to sli my 770 but that's down the road when games actually challenge it and cause me to have to match my settings to those of the next gen consoles. For now.... still getting a better visual experience with way more of fluid experience via fps so it's not a smart purchase right now. I do love my ps4 though just haven't been able to play any games since it doesn't have any that catch my interest but that will change when second son comes out.
PCpower  +   290d ago
Actually optimizations only help weak systems improve in performance. The Mantle patch from AMD proved this. People with weak CPU's got high gains with Mantle, but those of us with uber powerful CPU's like the Intel i7's, got no performance improvement at all because the CPU has more than enough power to handle sending data to the GPU. Only CPU bottle necked systems gained performance with optimizations. Have a look at the Mantle benchmarks yourselves.

So, if this game maxes out the top of line video card for those that are not CPU bound, then that means a new video card will have to come out because no amount of optimizations will help if the GPU is already being taken advantage of 100%, which they are on high end PC systems with good CPU's that can feed the GPU all the data it needs.
Metallox  +   290d ago
GTX 580 doesn't sound very demanding for me.
bienio  +   290d ago
Only 6months and Im gonna buy Gtx780ti so I will be ready😃
tee_bag242  +   290d ago
In 6 months time Maxwell 20nm will be out
dreamoner  +   290d ago
In 6 months time nuclear war will break out.
Volkama  +   290d ago
In 6 months time there will be something even better 6 months away.

This is the way of PC hardware.

Edit: Whups I see what you were replying to. Yes, that poster should assess his options whenever he is ready to buy :)
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HaveAsandwich  +   290d ago
the only thing my pc has going for it is a decent mobo, and an i5-2500k. 4 gb 1333 ram and a chitty gpu means i'll probably be buying witcher for my ps4.

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