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Huh. So Even I'm Liking Bravely Default.


"Oh, that game must be good, because even [some person] likes it". Bravely Default is that game, and I am that person. (3DS, Bravely Default)

dedicatedtogamers  +   569d ago
Looks like a really great game. I loved the demo. I'll pick it up once I finish up with a few of my backlog RPGs...
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   569d ago
Yeah I have too huge of a backlog now to even bother with getting any new games.I only get the ones which are in limited runs. (i.e. drakengard 3 CE which there will be only 5,000)
dedicatedtogamers  +   569d ago
Hopefully this won't go oop, at least not soon. I remember FE: Awakening being hard to find for its first few months.
CaptainN  +   569d ago
There is a special edition that is limited !!
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   569d ago
Actually I heard it's sold out pretty much everywhere. But that's because it sold more than expected I bet. You'll be able to find it by the time you want it though I'm sure.

If not, well, there's always Eshop(I'm not 100% sure, but pretty sure.)
3-4-5  +   569d ago
This game is everything I've wanted to play in an RPG...

It does a lot of things right that I feel SHOULD be put into most other future RPGs.

All the small stuff/details in this game are just beautiful.

The ARt,music,characters,character design, Cities, other random stuff.

I love this game, it's possibly my new favorite RPG Franchise or gaming franchise/IP in general.

I really hope it does well so we get the 2nd one.
josephayal  +   568d ago
best rpg this gen
TripC50  +   569d ago
I tried the demo. I wasn't smart enough to get it right off the bat and the characters/story didn't grab me in the demo so I passed on it. Fire Emblem Awakening is probably my favorite 3DS experience and also my first dive into JRPG strategy games (or whatever it's called..I'm a noob). So I might pick it up when it goes on sale somewhere since this game is in or near that type of genre..anybody have any suggestions of games I should try?
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   569d ago
They're called. Strategy games. I wouldn't call it a JRPG at all. LOL
Satanas  +   569d ago
SRPG. Strategy RPG. While I wouldn't call Fire Emblem a "Traditional JRPG", it is still a "Japanese SRPG" if we are to be pedantic.
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   569d ago
@ Satanas

I suppose. If we care about place of origin. I generally look at it by how you play it as I think it's a fairer assessment to the game itself.

To answer Trip though, this is a much older game, but Advance Wars is definitely worth checking out, although, fair warning, it's brutally hard.
MoveTheGlow  +   569d ago
Oh, I can't wait until Intelligent Systems takes what they learned from Fire Emblem and makes a new Advance Wars. Here's hoping, at least.
3-4-5  +   569d ago
DEMO isn't really the game.

I would almost recommend blind buying this and playing it as is instead of letting the demo be your first impression.
AsunaYuukiTheFlash  +   569d ago
I just beat the game today. Awesome game!
DivineHand125  +   569d ago
Is this the rpg that charges real money for a potion? If so who ever is reviewing it should take of 3 points off the final score for that. They game would be perfectly fine if that potion was sold in game and if the whole sleep system never existed in the first place.
CaptainN  +   569d ago
Its not a requirement and you can get potions in game as well!
DivineHand125  +   569d ago
Never said it was a requirement and you know what potion I'm talking about so don't play dumb. They are planning on making a few extra dollars by testing your patience and we should not allow micro transactions to slide no matter what game it is in. Next thing you know 95% of the games in the middle of this generation have some form of micro transaction where they put up hurdles in the game to get people to spend a little extra to enjoy the game.
CaptainN  +   568d ago
Simple solution... dont buy them then...if you want to fight the powers that be, dont support it financially.Just enjoy the game as is...whats the big deal?
Inception  +   569d ago
Still waiting for next shipment T_T
belac09  +   569d ago
i got collectors edition, it was well worth it to me, the game is phenomenal, in my opinion.
daclynk  +   569d ago
This games is soo beautiful in 3d.
Nerdmaster  +   569d ago
It's good to see developers actually taking the time to make their games look good in 3D. Lately, not even Nintendo is doing that anymore.
CaptainN  +   569d ago
Zelda A Link Between Worlds says hello !!!
Nerdmaster  +   569d ago
I didn't play the new Zelda, but I played Pokémon X and I know that this game, that sold more than 10 million copies, doesn't even allow 3D for the most part of the game and when it does, performance is terrible and things don't even have a good convergence to justify using 3D.
CaptainN  +   568d ago
Then you cant make the claim Nintendo isnt doing it at all...they are, just on titles you arent playing. Kid Icarus did it well, so did Mario Land 3D and Fire Emblem and Mario Kart!
MoveTheGlow  +   569d ago
I *really* want to buy this game, but I've got some stuff to finish first - La-Mulana and Ys 1 (and if I like Ys 1, then Ys 2). Luckily, it's working well as a motivator for me to finish those. Unluckily, La-Mulana just keeps getting tougher.

Played the demo, loved the combat system, heard about the controversial endgame, thought it was probably a great idea plot-wise, can't wait.
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DryBoneKoopa85  +   569d ago
I just picked up a 3DS XL over the weekend and bought Bravely Default to go with it. I love traditional Final Fantasy and let me just say OMG! This is SPOT ON with Final Fantasy.

I think Square is going to see the sales of this tittle and go WOW they do still care about turn based combat. I hope future FF games move back to this forum of combat.

I can't give enough of a factual opinion on the game cause I'm only a few hours in but so far I'm VERY much enjoying Bravely Default.
josephayal  +   568d ago
yes yes! turn based combat!

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