PS3 Weekly Deals: The Last of Us/Beyond Two Souls $29.99, B2G1 Preowned, Gran Turismo 6 $40 & more

PS3 deals and sales at PSN, Walmart, Amazon, Groupon, Walmart, Newegg, Best Buy, Gamestop, Gamefly, Target, Game Deal Daily and Cowboom.

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dannygamer1685d ago

Best Buy also has 12 Month PS+ with $10 PSN Code for $49.99. Any chance Amazon might price match this deal?

Apollo11685d ago

I don't think they will.

TomShoe1685d ago

Welp that's it.

Buying TLoU and B2S tomorrow. I'm sorry wallet.

timothyckeegan1685d ago

A lot of great deals for this week. Amazon did price match The Last of Us too :)

Apollo11685d ago

Let's hope they will pricematch Beyond Two Souls and GT6.

andrewsimons1685d ago

Check Newegg deals too, Last of Us for $27.99 and NFL 25 for $29.99 !!

TriangleOffense1685d ago

Sweet on the buy 2 get 1 free best buy deal, just snagged 3 ps4 games for $100

Tru_Blu1685d ago

Cool site. Went ahead and finally got The last of us for $30.

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