Battlecry Studios Might be Working on Fallout 4 Based on Recent Job Listings

Karam Elahi writes: "At Battlecry Studios, ZeniMax’s newest studio in Austin, TX, there have been a number of interesting job openings posted. ZeniMax is the parent company of such prolific game studios as Bethesda Game Studios, Arkane Studios, id Software, and many more. Though the requirements for this mysterious game might point to a number of possible projects like new IPS, or work on sequels to existing ones, the biggest contender to the sequel crown right now would be Fallout 4 from any one of ZeniMax’s studios. And the more we read the requirements, the more it looks like Battlecry Studios is heading this endeavor."

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-Foxtrot1770d ago

They better not be, if it was a spin off like New Vegas then fair enough but if we're getting a main Fallout game then I want it from Bethesda themselves

Angels37851770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Couldn't agree more....fallout 3 was masterfull.

New Vegas, not so much. Anything besides bethesda's in house studio is nothing....while they may bare the same name they will feel different :(

-Foxtrot1770d ago

Exactly. If we've all waited so long for Fallout 4 then I want it done properly with that same Fallout 3 charm from the main studio.

showtimefolks1770d ago


no doubt man Bethesda needs to do this

hellzsupernova1770d ago

Couldn't agree more, I also don't think any studio other then Bethesda themselves would do a numbered sequel, they may be helping with aspects or maybe a fallout mmo.

showtimefolks1770d ago

i would love to know why we have been waiting for Fallout 4 for this long. Fallout 3 and new Vegas sol quite well. Come on Bethesda

hellzsupernova1770d ago

Cause Bethesda moved onto skyrim presumably the next game is fallout 4

Akuma071770d ago

“Experience developing for online multiplayer environment”

Boom. Not Fallout 4.

I highly doubt the next fallout game will come with an online mode. Not after Bethesda just piled huge dollars into Eldar Scrolls Online.

I mean seriously, Fallout fans are Eldar Scrolls fans. Any Eldar Scrolls fan would play Fallout 4 and it's online component. This would take players away from the ESO universe, which is not what they want to do, especially so close to release.

I would say, that Battlecry could possibly be taking over development of ESO after it releases. It is quite common for a developer to hand the ongoing maintenance and support of a game over to another studio after it launches, so they can focus most of their attention on a new project. Maybe this will enable Bethesda Software to work on F4 anyway?

CourierSix1770d ago

I hope you're right. Multiplayer is the last thing Fallout needs.

Demster1770d ago

If ESO turns out to be good (which I think, since I played the beta), I definitely would be interested in a Fallout MMO.
But multiplayer in the normal Fallout? Hell no

MasterD9191769d ago

Better question would be what is Bethesda working on if they can't get to Fallout 4....