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We Got This Covered wrote:

Sci-fi entertainment properties have a tendency to borrow from one another (be it by design or entirely by accident), and Echo Prime is a game that takes no shame in borrowing. Its simple plot, seen-before setting, and mildly sapless art style are a clear amalgamation of anything and everything you’d expect to find in your run-of-the-mill sci-fi caper. Despite this, Echo Prime finds a way to not only bring reasonably original ideas to the table, but actually lift two whole thirds of an existing game’s title: Metroid Prime Echoes. Since this is clearly a subliminal twist of predestined fate, I propose a new idea – a grand collaboration between Nintendo and the fine folks at Robot Entertainment. It will be beautiful, and when it’s finally done, it will be called Metroid Prime Echoes: Echo Prime. Nintendo, Robot – you guys can thank me later.

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