Ubisoft To Release New Wii U Title ''Know Your Friends'' - Actually, Probably Not

A few scares and bumps in the road aside, Ubisoft has been a strong third-party ally for Nintendo. It's a prolific company with a varied catalogue of titles under its belt, and a recent ESRB rating seems to bring some good news for Wii U owners.

The Entertainment Software Rating Board - to indulge it with its full name - has just given details on a Ubisoft title yet to be officially announced by the company itself. According to its website it's called Know Your Friends, and is described as follows:

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X1PS4WiiU1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Nintendo released Wii Party U around fall of 2013. It included a stand-alone game that has you multiple people try to get the closest by guessing things about a person.

It is called "Do You Know Mii?"

Maybe thats why this got canceled.